Emily Brill Will Not Allow You To Eat Yourself To Death

Hamilton Nolan · 09/24/08 11:53AM

Media heiress and urban prose stylist Emily Brill used to be overweight, which is worse than cancer. She heroically slimmed down, and is now compelled to weigh in, ha, on weighty public health issues. So when she saw a week-old Times story about the decline of calorie-counting, she could not conscientiously keep quiet! "Mind if I add my two cents?" she writes. "I did manage to lose some weight over the past year or two..."

Emily Brill Does Obligatory Post-Profile Damage Control

Sheila · 09/22/08 11:00AM

Socialite-blogger and publishing heiress Emily Brill was profiled in Page Six Magazine this Sunday as a high-society "outcast" whose uptown and Hamptons-centric blogging project has irritated the status quo, alienating her from other socials. "I hope people don't think [my blog] is an attempt to draw attention to myself," she told the magazine. Now that the article's out, she's posted a point-by-point rebuttal on her blog, acting as if she's a public figure with a reputation to defend. No matter how shamelessly they court attention, people generally don't like being written about or profiled, because they can't control the outcome.The post-profile response in the 2.0 world is to huff and sigh—on your blog—about how you were misquoted, taken out of context, or maybe get all upset about your photoshoot. Exhibit 1:

Emily Brill Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Hamilton Nolan · 09/19/08 01:53PM

WHAT'S GOING ON WITH EMILY BRILL? We can scarcely contain our curiosity; "Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray" to Emily. The idle, wealthy daughter of a media mogul—supporting herself with only a trust fund and a blog—has transformed into New York's ultimate narrator. Only she seems able to capture in prose the throbbing, relentless pulse that underlies this great city. We have so many questions: What did she have for dinner? How long did she wait to get in that bar? And what year was that terrorist attack, again? Come on New Yorkers, let's rock: Emily's literary style is informed by a lifetime of urban experience:

Five Socialite Reality Shows That Will Soon Be Upon Us

Richard Lawson · 09/15/08 12:44PM

Mad Men is collecting dust on my DVR queue. There I admit it. I've fallen like three or four episodes behind. It's not that I don't like it. I do! It's wonderful (if slightly, horribly depressing)! It's just that I have so much television to watch for work. And, unfortunately, Mr. Hamm & co., it's not going to get any better. A spate of reality shows—some old, some new—will soon be tumbling out of the gate and into our living rooms. Many of these shows, sadly, feature layabout socialites like Olivia Palermo and Kelly Killoren Bensimon. I've compiled a little rundown of these shows for you after the jump because, well, who doesn't like a Monday listicle.

Palermo Preparing for Primetime?

cityfile · 09/11/08 02:46PM

Back in June, socialite Olivia Palermo told the Observer that she had no plans to appear in a spin-off of The Hills starring Whitney Port, who's launching a show about her time working for Kelly Cutrone's fashion PR firm, People's Revolution. She told the same thing to Page Six magazine in July: "I want to be a serious actress," she told the mag. Perhaps the acting didn't work out? Grammar-challenged society hanger-on Emily Brill, who was in talks to appear in another socialite reality show alongside botorious social climber Devorah Rose, says Palermo is, in fact, participating in the program. [Emily Brill]

Emily Brill Is "The Ultimate Narrator"

Hamilton Nolan · 08/21/08 03:26PM

Emily Brill, the daughter of media mogul Steve Brill and the "hardest" "working" heiress on the interwebs, is simply exhausted! Commenters made some snide remarks about her latest blog post on the edgy, underground world of rich kids trading their meds with each other. You anonymous online detractors just don't understand the drama of Emily's life. Try to imagine surviving her grueling schedule-the nonstop stress of being a professional blogger. Narrate for us, Ms. Brill:

The Week in Parties

cityfile · 08/15/08 01:52PM

1) 7 For All Mankind launched its first Manhattan flagship last night with a Vogue-hosted/Paul Sevigny DJed party and photo exhibition by Tim Mantoani. Among many others there: Dylan Lauren, Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr and Nicole Fiscella, CariDee English (left), Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Olivia Palermo, Anisha Lakhani, Mary Ellen Mark, Tony Sirico, Rebecca Guinness and Poppy de Villeneuve. [Paper/PMc]

MTV Seeks Ex-Fatties, Offends Emily Brill

Sheila · 08/13/08 01:12PM

MTV just sent a PR pitch about their new Model Makers show to the wrong person. Socialite-publishing heiress and professional unpaid blogger Emily Brill used to be chubby, slimmed down, and is pissed about the show's message. It does sound annoying—we never thought we'd say this, but we agree with Emily Brill's objections! "Have you always wanted to model but don't know where to start? Maybe you don't know the right people. Maybe you are not thin enough…"

Emily Brill A Well-Disguised Intellectual

Sheila · 07/22/08 04:14PM

Emily Brill, the socialite heiressblogger, went to private Manhattan prep school Dalton. What does she have to say about the forthcoming Schooled, a novel set in a private school written by ex-Dalton teacher Anisha Lakhani? Brill wants us to know that private-school preps are intellectual, and not as vapid and vicious as the Gossip Girl girls:

Person Who Stole Devorah Rose's Camera Can Run, But They Can't Hide

Richard Lawson · 07/22/08 12:42PM

Ruh roh. Devorah Rose, Social Life magazine person (and friend of totes essential heiress and blogger Emily Brill), has been robbed. Someone has purloined her digital camera, which contained many important photos. If you are the nefarious crook, don't even think about posting them online because Devi will know who you are and she will fuck your shit the fuck up. "This isn't a game. But if you want to play, I am going to win," she warns in the most ominous way possible, via a Facebook status update. The intimidation continues with a shot of her bikini clad self mashing up against some other young chippy. So take heed, wicked camburglar, don't be puttin' her stuff up on tumblr or she'll Flickr you in the head. Click for larger Sapphic Facebook screenshot. Update: A tipster tells us "FYI: No one actually stole her camera. Its a desperate attempt at an 'interesting' plot development of her upcoming reality show. And you just played into it with that posting..." Oh snap! We've been had! Devorah, u stole mah fotobucket.

The Weekend That Was

cityfile · 07/21/08 02:37PM

(1) The 9th annual Art For Life Benefit took place on Saturday at Russell Simmons' East Hampton house. Despite tickets not selling out as fast as usual, the event played host to Aretha Franklin, Christy Turlington, Lorraine Bracco, Soledad O'Brien, David Paterson, Diddy, Padma Lakshmi, Brett Ratner, LA Reid, the cast of Real Housewives of New York, Al Roker, Kelly Bensimon, Alina Cho, Simon de Pury, and Porschla Coleman—whose break up with Simmons, judging by their behavior, is either incredibly amicable or no longer in effect. [PMc]

Hills Star Graduates to Ranks of 'Bitchy' Celebrity?

Richard Lawson · 07/16/08 09:50AM

If you've ever watched The Hills and thought to yourself "these girls just aren't bitchy enough," well then you oughta be satisfied now. Lauren Conrad, star of MTV's odd sensation of a reality soap, was the star of a charity event last night that was all about being nice to puppies and stuff. She slouched down the red carpet holding a dog she didn't own, posed for pictures, all that googaw. At the end of the evening she was supposed to do some sort of catwalk thing with the little beast, but it never happened. Because she'd already stormed off in a huff, leaving the emcee of the event to say to the whole audience "those reality stars can be such temperamental bitches." It's a joke... about dogs... and about unpleasant women.

The Weekend That Was

cityfile · 07/15/08 06:55AM

1) The ACRIA benefit at photographer Steven Klein's Bridgehampton farm, sponsored by Calvin Klein Collection and Vanity Fair, invited guests for "Cocktails at Sunset." A boldface-heavy crowd including Bruce Weber, Jessica Stam, Donna Karan, Daphne Guinness, Rachel Zoe, Elizabeth Saltzman, Francisco Costa, Kelly Bensimon, Padma Lakshmi (above right), Carol Alt, Calvin Klein, Joy Bryant, Karolina Kurkova, Olivia Chantecaille, Mary Alice Stephenson, Anh Duong, Sessa von Richthofen, Zani Gugelmann, Jackie Astier, Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie, and committee member/host Andrew Saffir (above left) ate mini-burgers and tater tots, and bid on a Steven Klein print of Madonna from W magazine. [FWD/Style.com]

The Weekend That Was

cityfile · 07/08/08 01:10PM

1) Miguel Forbes took a cruise to Sag Harbor aboard the family-owned Highlander, along with Alejandro Santo Domingo, Dan Abrams, Dave Zinczenko and Melissa Milne, Elle Macpherson, Stella Keitel, Craig Spitzer, Fabian Basabe, Sessa Von Richthofen (pictured, right) and Richard Johnson. [NYSD/PMc]

Emily Brill's Harrowing Escape From New York

Richard Lawson · 06/26/08 01:37PM

As long as we're piling on millionaire media celebrities today, here's the latest video blog clown show from Emily Brill. In the video Brill, the daughter of media mogul Steve, is traveling yet again to the Hamptons (a fact we're reminded of many, many times) with magazine person Devorah Rose and a silly little dog. They're in Em's Lexus, which she's driving in Manhattan for the first time. The dizzy duo is a bit lost and confused when trying to leave the island Manhattan (Emily about the Triborough Bridge: "Wait does that go to another borough?") and all they can tell is that they're heading toward the Beatrice Inn ("like, downtown.") Then! Yay! They find the tunnel and Emily just cannot believe that her car is going to Queens. Over and over again she says it! Filthy horrid Queens! Her precious car! Blahhh blah blah blah. Oh, and then Devorah calls herself "useless." Sigh. Silly Thursday afternoon video fun after the jump.

Emily Brill's Hamptons Rock-Out

ian spiegelman · 06/08/08 12:45PM

Media heiress Emily Brill is just like the rest of us. When she's cruising beach-ward on the Long Island Expressway at the start of a killer Hamptons weekend, she simply must RAWK to a little of that sweet, sweet GNR! And nearly kills herself and her galpal in the process. Vid after the jump.

Emily Brill's Blog Has a Strategist

Sheila · 05/30/08 12:47PM

Socialite and beginning blogger Emily Brill has "media strategist" representation for her blog chronicling the misadventures of a "Fifth Avenue Misfit." Who knew? It's DolceGoldin, who we reported on earlier re: their dealings with author James Frey. And "she's had one for a while now, surprisingly," we're informed. May we suggest the next strategy for Brill: earning actual monies from said bloggings! [Daily Intel]

Emily Brill's Father is Proud of Her, OK?

Sheila · 05/28/08 10:39AM

Socialite and fledgling blogger Emily Brill's dad, mogul Steve Brill, is proud of his 25-year-old daughter's blogging habit—or as the Observer calls it, her "giddy internet adventure." He tells them it's "quite a distance from when she was writing a brilliant honors thesis in prep school about the electoral college, but it's well-written and has a distinctive voice. It's now clear that the more she does it, the better she is getting at it." Whoa, Dad. Don't think we didn't catch that subtle neg. [NYO]

Harvard Duchess Resurfaces with Emily Brill, Tells Her to Tip Better

Sheila · 05/16/08 02:42PM

Our favorite socialiteblogger Emily Brill is hanging out with charity gal Erica Birmingham! (We've introduced you to her before; she was the Duchess of Harvard!) Brill tells the Observer that Erica is "full of life, loves New York and has a great heart." We think Duchess Erica will be good for Brill—she's already told the heiress and daughter of former publishing magnate Steve Brill to start tipping better: