Guess Who's Looking For a Roommate AGAIN!!?!?!

Joshua David Stein · 01/23/08 06:30AM

The travails of drunken fun-loving very unhinged libidinous duo Emily and Michelle as they struggle to find and keep a roommate in their Astoria apartment never seem to end. We've chronicled their efforts from the beginning to the end and, now, to a new beginning. Turns out their last roommate didn't "keep." Did it have, perhaps, something to do with Michelle describing thusly? "She's black and always drunk. in the past five minutes we've witnessed her running into a wall, chugging rum in her closet, drinking zwack from our freezer, running into the kitchen wall and falling over." It just might have but we'll never know since an explicit reason isn't given on the couple's tumblr. After the jump another truly remarkable Craigslist post.

The Nine Most Ambivalence-Inspiring Things Of 2007

Joshua Stein · 12/14/07 04:37PM

2007: a year of "meh." It was like being drawn and quartered by one team of horses galloping towards terrible and another racing toward excellence and come December, we hadn't moved an inch from where we were last January. Yesterday we talked about things we unreservedly endorsed as good: ironic greeting cards, Elizabeth Bishop, Tionna. But what about those things that straddle the ledger line between goodness and badness?

Emily and Michelle Have Found A Roommate!

Joshua Stein · 12/11/07 02:28PM

At long last the saga of Astoria roommate-hunters Emily and Michelle is coming to its crushing conclusion. And at the same time, another volume in their Rabelaisian lives is being written. Good news! Emily and Michelle have finally found a roommate. According to Emily (or Michelle, we don't know which one is which):

Astoria Party Of The Century. This Sat. Niners!

Joshua Stein · 12/06/07 05:45PM

Guess what? Perpetual Craigslist-questers for a roommate, Emily and Michelle, are throwing another party in Astoria! Remember the last one? It kinda both worked and didn't work all at the same time. I loved the part when someone does an acoustic version of Wonderwall! Anyway, this party is a pajama one and it is at niner. This Sat. Update: After receiving this invitation, we got an email from Emily: "Wait!" it said, "wW just googled sic transit gloria, and we take the flyer back." Sad! Though I guess we've been uninvited, you should still go! It'll be fun!

Emily and Michelle Still Without Roommate, Weirdly

Joshua Stein · 12/05/07 03:40PM

We thought for sure the crazy/cuddly/cathartic antics of Astoria's belles du jour Emily and Michelle would result in someone, anyone, taking up their offer to move in with them in their four bedroom apartment . They even threw a potluck! They even sang songs! They even have A DOUGLAS! Everyone wants a Douglas! Imagine our sadness and, quite frankly, disappointment upon seeing receiving hearing that the room was still unoccupied.

The Great Astoria Potluck Video

Joshua Stein · 10/23/07 01:45PM

This video of Emily and Michelle's potluck dinner for potential roommates will be the primary source material regarding what it meant to be alive in New York in the first decade of this century. Sociologists of the future will be as confused about why eight people actually came to the random potluck in Astoria—people who answered an ad for a roommate on Craigslist and suddenly found themselves sitting on a couch listening to Emily freestyle on her acoustic guitar. Only later on will the people of the future think to question what "Wonderwall" might have meant. (Quality disclaimer: We certainly did not shoot this video. Nor have we ever met these people.)

Joshua Stein · 10/22/07 02:55PM

Ah! Someone named Peter W Knox actually went to Emily and Michelle's Totally Awesome Astoria Potluck and lived to blog about it: "There was a lot of drinking (they keep pasta sauce right on top of their ice cube trays in ziploc bags, which is why the ice tasted funny), and the girls laughed a lot and rolled around on the floor. They had met each other six years ago at a Halloween party that they had both attended dressed up as prostitutes, Emily going as far as to paint dried semen on her face, a moment captured on camera and displayed with pride." Amazing.

Did You Go To Emily and Michelle's Totally Awesome Astoria Potluck?

Joshua Stein · 10/22/07 02:35PM

Last week we met Emily and Michelle, two young ladies living in Astoria who posted on Craigslist that they couldn't figure out why their roommates kept on dropping like flies. Was it the condoms on the dining room table, or that a potential roomie was advised not to "pretend to be cool when we look through all the papers in your room and know you're on probation and use a weird contraceptive gel"? We think it's because everyone is afraid of how they are completely awesome. And on Saturday, Emily and Michelle hosted a potluck for a few of the more than 4,000 responses they say that they got. The invitation follows. If you attended, we would like to hear from you. Special bonus! Emily and Michelle themselves will be providing blow by blow later!