Jennifer Lopez Wages Silent War on Trash-Talking Cameron Diaz

Maureen O'Connor · 08/19/11 10:53AM

J.Lo and Cameron are filming a movie together and "the tension is thick." Gerard Depardieu explains why he peed in an airplane's aisle. Jesse James and Kat Von D are back together. Leo and Blake are shopping for a house. TGIFriday gossip.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 05/12/09 06:48AM

Spotlight-seeking architect Daniel Libeskind turns 63 today. The one and only Yogi Berra is turning 84. Actor Gabriel Byrne is 59. Painter Frank Stella is turning 73. Skateboarding king Tony Hawk is 41. Former Clinton advisor (and now cable commentator) Paul Begala is turning 48. The man who heads up homeland security for the state, Michael Balboni, is 50. Literary agent Amy Berkower is turning 55. Stephen Baldwin is 43. Actor Jason Biggs is 31. Emilio Estevez is 47. Composer Burt Bacharach is turning 81. Actress Samantha Mathis is turning 39. And Kim Fields, who will forever be known as Tootie from the The Facts of Life, is celebrating her 40th.

Emilio Estevez And Charlie Sheen: Potty-Mouthed Journalism Critics

mark · 02/22/07 06:00PM

A couple of tipsters were generous enough to forward us a pair of delightful e-mails currently making the rounds in local media and industry circles, in which aggrieved Hollywood princes Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen took a moment from their busy schedules to offer LAT reporter Susan King some constructive feedback on her assessment of Sheen's effusive introduction of brother Emilio's latest cinematic masterpiece at this year's Golden Globes. Below, Estevez helpfully quotes the blurb in its entirety before sharing his critique:

Short Ends: Harrison Ford Still Trying To Trick Us Into Believing 'Indy 4' Is Ever Happening

mark · 10/20/06 08:39PM

· At the Rome Film Festival, Harrison Ford attempted to prove to the media that he's "fit" enough to play Indiana Jones again by bending over slightly and pointing at the floor, currently the most demanding stunt that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg have written for their aging star.
· When life gives Emilio Estevez "put my fucking hot Russian girlfriend who speaks no English into this movie or I'm pulling out my millions and going home," he makes the kind of really wordy "-ade" that would complete this hacky joke construction.
Idolator says goodbye to the freewheelin', wantonly copyright infringin' days of the pre-Googlized YouTube with this emotional montage of the site's greatest hits.
Radar blows the f'ing lid off the celebrity dental imperfection retouching game. You will be shocked and amazed. Warning: close-ups of the inside of Julia Roberts' cavernous maw are included.
Which celebrity cares the most about the environment? Let's have a green-off and find out!
Don't go here if you think that seeing a picture of Tom Cruise tweaking his own nipple will give you nightmares.
· Yup, we know that Keith Urban is in rehab. Call us when it's Nicole Kidman and we'll try to care. (And abandon this completely farcical moral high ground about what dirt isn't worthy of our attention.)

'Bobby' Producer Unable To Kill Off Evil Twin That Might Crash His Oscar Party

mark · 10/17/06 12:38PM

Today's LAT profiles Bobby producer Edward "But My Parole Officer Called Me Michael" Bass, whose shady past in mail fraud, Oscar gala guest-list deception, and poetry contest judging irregularities may be coming back to haunt him now that there's awards buzz around the movie, especially since Bass's clashes with director Emilio Estevez (writing that never feels quite comfortable, as much as we revere Men at Work) resulted in him being tossed off the movie. The Times kicks around some of the bones in his closet as Bass laments an inability to leave the past behind: