Bob Schieffer's NSA Farce

Hamilton Nolan · 08/12/13 12:18PM

Bob Schieffer, the elderly moderator of CBS's Face the Nation, once dismissed Edward Snowden as "just a narcissistic young man who has decided he is smarter than the rest of us." Yesterday, Schieffer once again addressed the issues of privacy and the NSA. His performance was an embarrassment to journalism.

This Woman Caught Dancing in an HMV Represents All of Us

Matt Cherette · 03/04/11 12:24AM

Remember when, before iPods, et al. became ubiquitous, record stores—like the Virgin Megastore in Chicago, for example—had those cool listening stations that allowed you to jam out to your favorite tune in public? Those were the days.

PayPal Busted for Bogus Wikileaks Excuse

Ryan Tate · 12/08/10 06:14PM

Facing a booing crowd in Europe, a PayPal executive tried to explain why his company blocked donations to Wikileaks. He cited a letter from the State Department calling the secrets-sharing site illegal. Sadly for him, no such letter exists.

This X Factor Video Will Make You Die of Secondhand Embarrassment

Matt Cherette · 09/05/10 11:56AM

Oy. There really isn't a good way to describe how painful these six minutes are—really. Here are soon-to-be-non-BFFs Abby and Lisa performing "That's My Goal" on this week's X Factor. Oh, also: screaming, swearing, sneering, snarking, and punching!

Here is the Cover for George W. Bush's 'Memoir'

Max Read · 04/26/10 03:05AM

How dumb and lazy is George W. Bush? So dumb and lazy that he can't even write a real memoir! Instead, he will write "an account of key decisions in his life." We have some guesses about what those are.

Let's Not Forget About Michele Bachmann!

Pareene · 11/18/09 02:57PM

Everyone is paying so much attention to one crazy liar lady that they have forgotten all about the other one, the one who still holds elected office! Thankfully, Michele Bachmann is stepping up the crazy.

Patricia Heaton: Bad at Math

The Cajun Boy · 08/18/09 01:26AM

Monday wasn't good to former Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton. First a former assistant filed a lawsuit against her for unpaid wages, then she made a fool of herself on national television. Seriously, you have to see this.

In Touch Don't Know Brentwood

Richard Lawson · 06/05/09 04:03PM

High-end celebrity weekly In Touch ran a feature this week showing where various celebs live in the tony Brentwood section of LA. They even have a handy map. Only problem? The map is of a different Brentwood, up in Oakland.

Foley and Edwards Emerge From Caves of Shame

Pareene · 11/12/08 10:34AM

The election is over, so bring on last season's political liabilities! Remember Mark Foley? He was the Republican Congressman from Florida who liked steamroom, and also young male congressional pages. Some, uh, inappropriate instant messenger exchanges with one of those young men came to light, and then the Republicans lost the 2006 mid-term elections. Foley said he was an alcoholic who'd been turned gay by a molesting priest as a child, resigned, and checked into rehab, never to be heard from again, until after the 2008 elections were safely over. Now he's opening up to the Associated Press, because he needs to tell his side of the story. His side of the story is sad and creepy.