Rick Perry: 'I Stepped In It'

Seth Abramovitch · 11/10/11 02:46AM

Whoever you are tonight, and whatever it is you're doing, just be glad you're not Rick Perry, whose 53-second fumble has become an instant master class in how not to intimidate your political foes in front of a live, national audience. Do you think he knows he screwed up? Yeah. He knows.

Prince Harry Hammer Dances on a Banquette, Falls Off

Maureen O'Connor · 09/01/11 12:55PM

Your crush on Prince Harry is about to end. At a nightclub in Croatia, he was videotaped climbing onto a banquette and performing a catastrophic sideways shuffle dance, culminating in a loss of balance and a dive into the swimming pool behind him. Then he gets up, pulls the ol' "I totally meant to do that," dances his way to shore and climbs out, saggy denim butt dripping all the way. Apparently if he were not a prince of England, Harry would be an overgrown frat boy in the Meatpacking district. Good to know.

Why You Shouldn't Steal Computers From Nerds

Max Read · 03/23/11 12:37AM

Don't steal laptops! And if you do steal a laptop, don't use its built-in camera to record yourself dancing to "Make It Rain," the way the fellow dancing to "Make It Rain" in the video above did.

This Woman Caught Dancing in an HMV Represents All of Us

Matt Cherette · 03/04/11 12:24AM

Remember when, before iPods, et al. became ubiquitous, record stores—like the Virgin Megastore in Chicago, for example—had those cool listening stations that allowed you to jam out to your favorite tune in public? Those were the days.

Middle-Aged Guy Loses it After Skater Wrecks His Bush

Christopher Han · 11/11/10 10:54AM

Like a drill sergeant wearing down a soldier (or a poor schlep on Maury Povich), this man completely dresses down a 20-year-old kid who has been skating on his store front and destroying his bushes. Get off my lawn!

Girl Caught Eating Her Boogers During News Broadcast

Liz Day · 09/27/10 03:46PM

In the background of a live newsroom shot, this worker bee looks right at the camera... and decides to pick her nose. As if that wasn't bad enough, she then decides to eat the booger! Watch the embarrassing video inside.

On The Simple Life, Ke$ha Played a Nashville Hick

Maureen O'Connor · 01/18/10 05:17AM

Before she was a bubblegum bad girl, Ke$ha was just another silky-haired teenager wedging herself into camera frames with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, building a reality show spectacle in a Nashville-based Simple Life episode with her mom.

Rolling Stone Writer Tells Off National Review Writer On Crash

Ryan Tate · 10/14/08 11:02PM

New York magazine's daily online chats about the election are usually just mildly interesting, since the journalists involved tend to be overly polite to one another, because who knows who you're going to be sending a job application to someday? Even Gawker Media veterans and that Daily Kos maniac act all pleasant. But Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi has never been one for such fraternal niceties, and when nymag.com threw him a sparring partner from National Review, the predictably caustic lefty went to work with his fangs, at one point typing, "tell me you're not ashamed." It was awesome and just really uncomfortable at the same time. Highlights: