The New, Sensitive Pentagon

John Cook · 08/07/09 04:21PM

The Air Force announced the creation of a new "consolidated" nuclear command today. Well actually, they briefed reporters on it Wednesday, but asked them to embargo it until today. Why? Because yesterday was the 64th anniversary of Hiroshima.


Hamilton Nolan · 07/22/09 04:47PM

Oh, Wall Street Journal. Somebody there has poor reading comprehension skills. Or hates PR people. [Thanks, P!]

WSJ Short On Copy Editors, Too

Ryan Tate · 06/16/08 12:13AM

The good news for the Wall Street Journal's editors is that the above story was not moved in violation of its embargo — it ran just after midnight, as apparently required by the originating source. As the Silicon Alley Insider notes,that signals the Journal's adherence to a choreographed style of journalism recently-departed managing editor Marcus Brauchli opposed. The bad news: The fact that the story starts with "EMBARGOED!" signals that the Journal's copy editors are stretched quite thin this summer weekend (the LA Times feels your pain, WSJ). [Silicon Alley Insider]

First Review Of 'Step Brothers': Less Entertaining Than 'Two and a Half Men'

Mark Graham · 02/29/08 05:09PM

The first review of Will Ferrell's new movie just came in and, wow, it's a doozy. No, we're not talking about Semi-Pro, which opens today; we're talking about Ferrell's next movie, Step Brothers, which was produced by Judd Apatow and directed by Adam McKay. The film, set to open in late July, screened in Los Angeles last night. A Defamer tipster was in the audience and passed an early review our way. Based on some of the pullquotes (if, indeed, you can call words lifted from an email tip "pullquotes"), this sounds like it's going to be closer to Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story than Talledega Nights in terms of both laughs and B.O. We hate to say it, but it's looking more and more like John C. Reilly is Box Office Poison when cast in anything other than a supporting role. Full review after the jump, but here's a few of the choice quotes: "The story makes no sense - repetitive, forced and predictable would be compliments" and "the dialogue is less entertaining and envelope-pushing than anything on Two and a Half Men." Ouch!