Celeb Media Interns '09: Qualified

Hamilton Nolan · 06/15/09 03:07PM

A new summer has blossomed (technically), and with it a new crop of celebrity media interns, riding their family names into coffee-fetching and fact-checking gigs that should rightfully go to miserable, debt-wracked, overqualified J-school graduates. This year's celeb intern class:

The Spitzer Prom!

cityfile · 07/07/08 11:06AM

Disgraced ex-governor Eliot Spitzer recently headed off for a summer vacation with his wife and daughters in tow. Just before the family headed out of town, one member of the family celebrated a very special event: 18-year-old daughter Elyssa Spitzer attended her senior prom. The Horace Mann graduate—and soon-to-be Harvard student—hit up the Pierre in Midtown for the big event. Beforehand, though, Elyssa had to suffer through that all-too-familiar rite of passage—the parental meet-and-greet—introducing her date, Sam, to her dad. (Curiously, though, Silda Wall Spitzer was absent from the pre-prom festivities. Update: A family rep informs us that Mrs. Spitzer was, in fact, present. She just wasn't photographed.)

Horace Mann Censors Student Paper

Emily Gould · 05/31/07 12:50PM

Dr. Andrew Trees, the author of a roman a clef about posh Riverdale prep school Horace Mann, remains fired from that institution. But his friends and former colleagues have rallied together on his behalf! Over 60 academics signed a letter to the editor of the Horace Mann Record—which was then prevented from publishing the letter by head of school Tom Kelly. Even new Record editor Elyssa Spitzer (yes, that's Eliot's daughter!) could not sway the discourse in the direction of free speech. The unprinted letter is after the jump.