Clive Owen Needs an Alka-Seltzer

Tom Scocca · 08/25/14 12:07PM

Every time I drive on the New Jersey Turnpike I see one of these billboards, and every time I see one of these billboards I start getting a phantom headache. The crisp, compact jpeg here doesn't do justice to the image looming beside the highway: Clive Owen's pained gaze, caught between excesses of light and of shadow, as he shoves a lowball glass toward the viewer, like he's trying to ward something off with it.

Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Happy Birthday, on His Death Day

Jim Newell · 08/16/11 01:57PM

Michele Bachmann opened her event in Spartansburg, South Carolina today by wishing Elvis Presley a Happy Birthday! How nice. The thing is, Elvis died 34 years ago today. He was born in January. So all in all, a pretty typical day for Team Bachmann.

The King Goes Motown

Brian Moylan · 12/06/10 07:30PM

[A man inspects a Mercedes limo that was once owned by Elvis Presley and which was auctioned off along with other automotive collectibles in England today. Image via Getty]

NPR Recreates Elvis' Favorite (Killer) Sandwich

Jeff Neumann · 09/28/10 06:21AM

Did you know that Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich was fried peanut butter and bananas? Fans say the King added bacon, too. Some NPR reporters decided to recreate "The Elvis," and the first bite got this reaction: "Wow, this is gross."