Man Who Sent Ricin-Poison Letter to Obama Also Fondled 3 Young Girls

Adam Weinstein · 01/22/14 09:06AM

Last week, a Mississippi man finally pled guilty to mailing President Obama a ricin-laden letter and trying to frame an Elvis impersonator for the crime. Tuesday, he settled other legal business: confessing that he inappropriately touched little girls at his karate studio, Tupelo Taekwondo Plus.

This Baby Belting Out an Elvis Tune Will Satisfy Your Need for Cute

Neetzan Zimmerman · 08/09/13 08:03AM

Ella Mae may only be 21 months old and not really versed in American history or fluent in the English language, but that hardly stops her from singing adorably along to Elvis Presley's popular take on Mickey Newbury's "An American Trilogy."

Scientists Endure Hours of Sean Connery Impressions to Better Humanity

Maggie Lange · 06/18/13 04:14PM

With the noble goal of elevating the subtleties of speech, a group of scientists at the Royal Holloway College at the University in London endured an awful task. They studied "non-professional impersonators" doing their best impressions. The scientists looked at fMRI scans as these "non-professional impersonators" imitated other people's voices and foreign accents, in hopes to learn more about non-verbal aspects of speech—like tone, style, and contextual changes.

A King's Ransom

Brian Moylan · 08/19/10 05:53PM

[The contents of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's seven storage units in Arlington Heights, Ill.—including this nameplate and life-sized Elvis statue—were auctioned off today to pay for his overdue storage fees. Image via Getty]

Elvis Presley's Twin Granddaughters Arrive on Earth!

ian spiegelman · 10/11/08 01:11PM

Elvis Presley's only known child, Lisa Marie Presley, gave birth to twin girls earlier this week. This isn't just any old celebrity baby news. It means that Elvis has finally been reincarnated. First of all, it's well-known that greatness skips a generation. Secondly, although Lisa Marie already has two kids from a previous marriage, those kids weren't twins. Why is that important? Do you even have to ask?