Money Can't Buy Elon Musk Love

Owen Thomas · 04/06/09 02:17PM

Why has Justine Musk, the estranged wife of the CEO of Tesla Motors, spoken out about their divorce and his new fiancée? It might have something to do with money, and Elon Musk's lack thereof.

Tesla CEO Says GE's an Investor, but GE Says No

Owen Thomas · 03/30/09 05:33PM

Musk, apparently eager to give the magazine an exclusive and reassure buyers who must put down a sizeable $40,000 deposit for a car that they won't see until 2011 at the earliest, said that GE Capital was an investor:

Schwarzenegger Wants to Terminate His Tesla Roadster

Owen Thomas · 03/25/09 11:43AM

When Tesla Motors launched its all-electric Roadster sports car, celebrities lined up to order one — including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now we hear he's been trying to return it for months.

Tesla CEO in Digital Witch Hunt

Owen Thomas · 03/04/09 09:30AM

Enraged by leaks at his troubled Silicon Valley electric carmaker, CEO Elon Musk cooked up a sophisticated electronic scheme to catch the blabbers. It backfired hilariously on the brilliant entrepreneur, who's a bit blabby himself.

'Lily' Wants $3 Million for Tales of Dating Tesla CEO

Owen Thomas · 02/28/09 08:00AM

Sunny Huang, a California woman who goes by "Asian Beauty Lily" online, wants $3 million for the story of her "glamorous and loving relationship" with Elon Musk, the CEO of troubled electric automaker Tesla Motors.

Elon Musk's Electric-Car Fantasy

Owen Thomas · 02/11/09 03:10PM

Silicon Valley is the land of dreams. Here's Elon Musk's dream: His electric-car startup has hundreds of millions of dollars in government loans and a bright financial future. Too bad that's all in his head.

Electric carmaker's motormouth marketer

Owen Thomas · 12/04/08 02:40PM

Tesla Motors, once the best hope of Silicon Valley's nascent electric-car industry, is getting better known for manufacturing drama than vehicles. The company just saw its top marketer, Darryl Siry leave — allegedly after running his mouth about ex-employees.