The Ultimate Wedding Present

Ryan Tate · 09/29/10 04:22PM

What does one insanely rich tech guy give another insanely rich tech guy as a wedding present? If you're a Google founder, the answer is reportedly "a party jet."

The Stock Market Is Hot for Tesla's Pretend Car

Ryan Tate · 06/29/10 08:05PM

Tesla's electric sedan won't go on sale for years, if ever, but that didn't keep buyers from bidding up Tesla stock 40 percent on its first trading day. CEO Elon Musk stole the hearts of yet another round of investors.

How To Blog About Your Messy Divorce

Ryan Tate · 05/13/10 04:54PM

Justine Musk's divorce from her high-profile-CEO husband could be much uglier: There's a new younger woman, five kids and a big fight over money. But her blog, and even her blog comments, have been admirably graceful. Let's look:

Legalizing Electric-Car Kingpin's 'Founder' Fetish

Ryan Tate · 09/21/09 01:57PM

Tesla CEO Elon Musk likes to call himself "founder" of companies he didn't actually start. This weird fetish has never been fully safe and legal, until now: The real founder of Tesla Motors is dropping his lawsuit and granting permission.

This Man Founded Everything (And So Did You)

Ryan Tate · 07/29/09 01:07PM

Elon Musk has a very loose definition of the word "founder." The Tesla CEO calls himself a PayPal founder; he isn't. He calls himself a Tesla founder; today a court begins hearings over whether he should stop saying that.