Cops Take 1,000 Rounds of Ammo, 7 Guns From UCSB Student's Apartment

Adam Weinstein · 05/29/14 03:06PM

At the same time as 20,000 students gathered for a vigil honoring the victims of last week's mass shooting, cops seized 7 guns and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition from a 21-year-old Santa Barbara student who nearly shot a neighbor through the wall of his apartment.

Gay Marriage Responsible for UCSB Shootings, Says Thinker

Rich Juzwiak · 05/29/14 12:30PM

In a discussion with Tony Perkins, president of the hate group Family Research Council, FRC senior fellow (aka well-paid intern?) Ken Blackwell blamed gays and the acceptance of them for Elliot Rodger's mass shooting. Hey, why not?

The Gun-Law Improvements That No One Is Taking Seriously

Adam Weinstein · 05/28/14 01:03PM

America's gun conversation, to the extent that there is one, is facile, extreme and led by monied interests on both ends. The NRA is awful and the vocal anti-gun left is little better—focused on superficial answers to a culture-wide problem. Here are some reform ideas that ought to be taken seriously.

Why Is It So Hard For People to Get That Elliot Rodger Hated Women?

Michelle Dean · 05/27/14 03:54PM

Killers before Elliot Rodger have left behind long messages detailing their grievances, but his had a rare clarity. He hated women. He wanted to kill them. He set out this past Friday evening to do just that. You might think in terms of commentary on his motives, that would be The End.

Elliot Rodger Was a Product of America's Gun Culture

Adam Weinstein · 05/27/14 02:10PM

When the subject of lethal firearms and mass killers and gun regulations comes up, as it will again and again, keep this quote handy. These are the words of Elliot Rodger on getting home with his first handgun, not long before his massacre in Isla Vista:

Seven Dead in Drive-By Shooting Near UC Santa Barbara

Kelly Conaboy · 05/24/14 08:28AM

Authorities report that a gunman and six others were killed, with seven more injured, when a shooter opened fire in the college town of Isla Vista near the University of California, Santa Barbara on Friday night.