Jimmy Fallon Talks About Dressing in Drag on Ellen

Lauren Soroken · 03/21/11 04:30PM

Jimmy Fallon dropped by Ellen to chat about the beginning of his own show, his silent first guest Robert DeNiro, and how tough it is to dress like a lady and wear fake nails.

Halle Berry is Human and Sweats Like Everyone Else

Leah Beckmann · 03/17/11 05:00PM

Stars, they're just like us! Halle Berry appeared on Ellen this afternoon following a group of impressive Indian dancers. They made her so nervous, she said, that she sweat right through her dress before her appearance.

The Sister Wives Family Talk Polygamy on Ellen

Leah Beckmann · 03/10/11 06:30PM

The five-member marriage featured on Sister Wives appeared on Ellen this afternoon. Kody Brown and wives, Mary, Janelle, Kristine, and Robyn made one of their first appearances on the talk show circuit to answer questions about living in pluralism.

Tyra Banks Officially Drops Her Last Name on Ellen

Whitney Jefferson · 03/10/11 05:30PM

Tyra, why'd you ever give up your talk show? Moments like these are the perfect reason to keep it going strong. We will give Tyra credit where credit is due—she is apparently going to Harvard?!

Ellen DeGeneres Scares Valerie Bertinelli With a Naked Man

Lauren Soroken · 03/09/11 05:30PM

Today on Ellen, Valerie Bertinelli came by to discuss her television show, co-star Betty White, and hanging out naked at home. So it only makes sense that Ellen would try to scare her with a naked guy.

Justin Bieber Gives Ellen a Lock of His Hair

Whitney Jefferson · 02/24/11 04:20PM

Jealous Bieber fans, you have a new reason to hate Ellen Degeneres. For her birthday, the Biebs gifted the talk show host with a snippet of his million-dollar locks.

Now's Your Chance to Bid on Justin Bieber's Hair

Adrian Chen · 02/24/11 12:35AM

When Justin Bieber got his groundbreaking hair cut, he put a little lock of it in a plastic box and gave it to Ellen. Now she's auctioning it off on her eBay page, with all the proceeds going to some animal welfare charity. The auction has been live for a little under 12 hours, and already it's up to $6,700! Jesus.

The Bachelor's Michelle Sets the Record Straight

Whitney Jefferson · 02/16/11 05:30PM

On this week's edition of The Bachelor, we said goodbye to the season's manipulative and crazy favorite Michelle. Have no fear! She's appeared on Ellen to dispel rumors and noted that her final goodbyes with Brad were edited out.

Ellen Tries Out A Vibrating Bra

Kristina Grosspietsch · 01/31/11 05:46PM

Have you heard about that vibrating bra that supposedly makes your breasts larger? Ellen tries it out and uncomfortably describes the "jiggling" to everyone. Enjoy!

Watch Alex Pettyfer Take Off His Shirt on Ellen

Preksha Kumar · 01/28/11 05:30PM

America doesn't have a lack of pretty British actors invading their industry and taking away jobs! But I guess it's fine if you have a body like that. Watch as he takes off his shirt and drives everyone nuts.