Rebel Wilson, Ellen DeGeneres Kill It With Salt-N-Pepa Classic

Robert Kessler · 10/04/12 04:46PM

The hilarious Rebel Wilson, who has seemingly taken Hollywood by storm since her scene-stealing role in Bridesmaids, appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" today to promote her new film Pitch Perfect. Spoiler alert: I already saw it, it's fantastic.

Here's a Nearly Nude Liam Neeson

Rich Juzwiak · 10/02/12 01:20PM

Liam Neeson didn't show his legendary celebrity big dick (Janice Dickinson has compared it to an Evian bottle) on Ellen yesterday, but he came closer than usual. In the name of breast cancer charity slash Taken 2 awareness, he stripped down to show his own chesticles and the result was an almost-nude 60-year-old who looked like an almost-nude 60-year-old.

Watch Katie Holmes and Ellen Avoid Saying the Word "P-E-N-I-S"

Kristina Grosspietsch · 04/01/11 03:15PM

On Ellen, Katie Holmes brings up the time her daughter accidentally began eating penis-shaped gummies to the paparazzi's delight. The weirdest part is seeing both Holmes and Ellen spell penis without ever actually saying it.

Ellen Digs Up James Marsden's Old Headshots From the 90s

Whitney Jefferson · 03/31/11 12:55PM

On today's Ellen, the host shared a few of James Mardsen's modeling photos from his early acting days. Pro: James Marsden is not wearing a shirt. Con: That horrible trend of men's hats in the 90s.

Kaley Cuoco Apologizes for Buying a Shake Weight

Lauren Soroken · 03/28/11 05:10PM

Kaley Cuoco stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about The Big Bang Theory, but ended up confessing to buying a Shake Weight. If that wasn't enough, her poor word choice opened the door for some hilarious double entendres.

David Schwimmer "Twerts" for the First Time on Ellen

Leah Beckmann · 03/24/11 04:40PM

Underwhelmed and slightly spotlight-shy David Schwimmer appeared on Ellen to take that giant leap into the mystifying world of Twitter. David seems genuinely concerned when Ellen mentions that he will certainly gain a slew of followers after she recommends him.