Today's Other Song: Elle Varner 'I Don't Care'

Rich Juzwiak ยท 09/18/12 04:25PM

To piggyback on my earlier praise of contemporary U.K. R&B, here's the new single from the U.S. native responsible for my favorite R&B album of year, Perfectly Imperfect (no really, it's much better than its title). Elle Varner's so far best known for her previous single, "Refill," a bonkers marriage of fiddles and 808s that sounds nice but, depending on how you want to read it, is extremely nasty (I haven't heard semen suggestion โ€” "Can I get a refill?" โ€” come off more innocently since Mariah Carey's "Honey"). "I Don't Care" probably has less classic potential, but it's a lovely, starry eyed ballad propelled by a giant, textured break beat and Talking Book-style keyboard flourishes.