New York Times Magazine Presents 13 Bizarre Short Films, Shows Rebel Wilson in a Mermaid Costume

Mallory Ortberg · 12/08/12 02:59PM

The New York Times Magazine has created a terrifying "video gallery of dreams and transformations" of thirteen different actresses "whose performances defined the year in film." Here you will see talents like Naomi Watts and Marion Cotillard doing all of the things we love to see our bravest, most creative actresses do: lying down, blinking, opening their mouths and leaving them open for minutes at a time, looking, smiling quietly to themselves, clenching their fists, weeping silently at the sky, and twirling - always twirling. That said, it also shows us what Rebel Wilson would look like as a mermaid, which is tremendous and a gift and well worth seeing.

Jay-Z Says Kanye Is an Absurdly Annoying Control Freak

Maureen O'Connor · 11/14/11 11:17AM

Jay-Z confirms your suspicions about Kanye West. Brad Pitt wants to quit acting in "three years." Demi Lovato goes to a wedding and catches the bouquet. Lindsay Lohan returns to the nightlife scene. Monday gossip gets upstaged.

It's Still Fashion Week and It Is Still Amazing

Brian Moylan · 09/13/11 04:40PM

You may not give a flying caftan that it's still Fashion Week, but all the very fashionable people and retail stores and models and kids who go to FIT care, so we have to appease them with some photos of the goings on, don't we? Yes, we certainly do.

Texas Completely Destroyed In Tragic Event

Richard Lawson · 09/21/10 03:06PM

Yup, it just got blown away. Sorry folks, but the ratings don't lie. Also today: Tonnnns of casting news, from monster movies to sex movies to wife movies. Plus some gay Glee scuttlebutt.

Justin and Cameron: Falling Back in Love?

Maureen O'Connor · 04/11/10 09:18AM

They're "laughing and flirting" now—when will they start canoodling? Suri Cruise hits the bottle to mask depression. Jon Gosselin entertains another TV show. Tiger Woods mistress #15. Catherine Zeta-Jones' bones. Sunday's gossip roundup is highly suspicious.

Fanning Sisters Exit Movie Due To Creative Hairstyle Differences

mark · 02/13/08 02:39PM

In a shocking—shocking!™—development destabilizing the world of preternaturally talented child actresses whom Hollywood will suck dry before their 18th birthdays and banish to SAG's Not-So-Cute Anymore Halfway House in Reseda, both Dakota and Elle Fanning have abruptly exited the film My Sister's Keeper, the project that would have represented the sisters' first cinematic collaboration since sharing a character in I Am Sam.

Is It Just Us?

Mark Graham · 01/21/08 06:13PM

· Or does the new sketch of the man suspected of snatching young Madeline McCann look a lot like Killer Bob? Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see, one chants out between two worlds ...fire, walk with me!
· A previously unknown complication of pregnancy has kept J. Lo from being J. Lo of late. At least according to those louts in the British press, who have been taking her to task for her "bulging, crinkled knees."
· Kate Moss started her 35th year off with a bang. A 4-way bang, that is.
· For all of you out there who think that Dakota Fanning is over the hill, enjoy this not-at-all-creepy post by Just Jared featuring twenty of the most popular Elle Fanning pictures available anywhere online! We're fawning over Fanning, too! Then again, not so much.
· And, with that, we're out of here. We leave you to spend the next 18 hours or so reviewing The Thighmaster's wildly entertaining list of his 2007 "Thighs Wide Movies." So best, indeed.

mark · 01/18/08 01:25PM

Great news for all FanningWatchers disappointed in preternaturally talented teen megastar Dakota's meager cinematic output of the past year: the Sundance debut of little sister Elle's Phoebe in Wonderland could spark a return to Hollywood prominence for the clan. And: the movie's completely rape-free, demonstrating that the family's handlers learned their lesson about pushing their earners towards too-mature material from the fallout accompanying the Sundance screenings of Dakota's noble-intentioned, but poorly received, molestation-preparedness film, Hounddog. [LAT Live From Park City]