Theranos: Okay, Fine, We'll Release Data to Prove Our Blood Tests Work

Jay Hathaway · 10/27/15 12:15PM

Theranos, a $9 billion Silicon Valley startup that says it can run a full range of lab tests using mere drops of blood instead of whole vials, came under fire this month after the Wall Street Journal reported the vast majority of the company’s tests were run on traditional machines, not groundbreaking new technology. Now Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has promised to release data that will purportedly prove her company’s tech works.

East-West Differences Divide Twitterati

Ryan Tate · 02/15/10 07:54PM

The Wall Street Journal diaspora was divided by an ocean; coastal wine writers were divided by an assumption-filled land mass; and Harvey Weinstein and his interviewer re-divided the responsibilities. The Twitterati were geographically fractious.