Local Mail-Order Bride Makes Good on 'Oprah'

Adrian Chen · 01/14/10 10:07PM

Did we not tell/warn you that New York-based Ukrainian mail-order bride Lera Loeb would conquer all media? Yesterday, she and her husband were on 'Oprah' to talk about their weird marriage.

Meet Elizabeth Gilbert, Unrecognized Public Intellectual

Doree Shafrir · 01/07/10 04:22PM

Elizabeth Gilbert, who—SPOILER ALERT!—married the guy she met at the end of Eat, Pray, Love, just published a new book about said marriage. But all she really wants is to be taken seriously as a smart person.

Elizabeth Gilbert And John Hodgman Lend Their Star Power To Housing Works

Emily Gould · 11/08/07 02:55PM

At the doorway of Housing Works bookstore last night around 7 p.m., an older gentleman was being gently shooed back onto the street by one of the store's volunteer staffers. "I'm sorry, sir, we're usually open at this time, but this is sort of our biggest event of the year?" she said, gesturing with her head to the growing crowd behind her in the store. The place had been festively strung with white Christmas lights for the occasion. The man huffed off into the cold night. Little did he know, he could have stayed and had some gin and book conversation for only a $10 "suggested donation." People without cash to donate were being directed to the nearest ATM by the volunteer door-bitches. Nobody takes their jobs more seriously than volunteers! Nikola Tamindzic captured the preening literati.

Emily Gould · 09/14/07 01:33PM

An article about Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love, which we like to think of as Self-Aggrandize, Whine, Repeatedly Thank Guru, hints at the idea that the book industry is silly to ever publish anything in hardcover and also contains this quote from Elizabeth, about how she felt after the book's initial surge of success: "I was so happy with everything that happened. I was more than satisfied. And then I thought that was it. It should have been over." God, seriously. [WSJ]