The Real Housewives Are Voted Out of Washington

Richard Lawson · 03/24/11 04:00PM

Bravo is reportedly shedding some of their Housewives dead weight, thank god. Also today: two Buffy alums find themselves in comedy pilots, Josh Radnor is the hardest working man in showbiz, FX cancels a critically lauded show, and Skins wins.

Taylor Lautner Sent to Prison

Richard Lawson · 12/09/10 05:33PM

On a whole different planet or something! Say your goodbyes now, Team Jacob. Also today: Peter Parker sees the face of his enemy, old people are fighting in public, and Don Cheadle gets something he deserves for once.

Adam Sandler and Kevin James Are Comedy Geniuses

Richard Lawson · 12/07/10 05:01PM

Why do they keep insisting on torturing us so? Also today: Matthew Perry vs. Courteney Cox!, Topher Grace gets a costar, and Eliza Dushku has disappointed millions. (Well, maybe not millions.)

The Plague of Michelle Trachtenberg Is Finally Upon Us

Richard Lawson · 10/21/10 02:10PM

We've been dreading it for a long time. And now she might get her own TV show. Repent! Also today: Some news about Conan's new show, some news about other TBS shows, some news about Kelly Ripa, and you're Dushku'd.


cityfile · 02/08/10 10:33AM

Rosario Dawson leaving the Bowery Hotel ... Keanu Reeves walking in SoHo ... Larry King picking up food on Madison Avenue ... Renee Zellweger arriving at JFK ... Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox walking in the East Village ... Madonna arriving at the Kabbalah Center in Midtown with her kids ... Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts in Soho pushing their kids in strollers ... Amanda Seyfried picking up coffee in the East Village ... Natalie Portman taking a break on the set of Black Swan ... Sarah Jessica Parker leaving her townhouse in the Village ... and an unrecognizable Kate Gosselin leaving the Ted Gibson Salon before heading to dinner at Butter.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/30/09 07:01AM

Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer share more than a studio at Rockefeller Center—they're both celebrating their birthdays today, too. (She's turning 56; he's 52.) Embattled nightlife entrepreneur Amy Sacco is 42. Fox News' Sean Hannity is turning 48. LeBron James is 25. Allen Grubman, the mega entertainment lawyer and father of Lizzie, turns 67 today. Patti Smith is 63. Comedian Tracey Ullman is 50. WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer is turning 61. Movie director Bennett Miller is 43. Norman Goodman, the city's county clerk and the man responsible for sending you those jury summonses on a regular basis, is 86. Actress Eliza Dushku is turning 29. R&B singer Tyrese is 31. Former madam Heidi Fleiss is turning 44. And a golfer by the name of Tiger Woods is celebrating his 34th birthday today.

Chace Crawford Hooks Up in The Hamptons With Swimsuit Models

The Cajun Boy · 05/28/09 07:51AM

Chace Crawford has a new swimsuit model love interest, Susan Boyle freaks out in a fit of rage on strangers and cops in London, Jon and Kate are manipulating their kids, Rihanna will get virtually naked in a new Kanye video, and Anna Wintour wants to be ambassador to Britain.


cityfile · 05/19/09 09:21AM

Anne Hathaway walking downtown with boyfriend Adam Shulman ... Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel holding hands on the street ... Christian Bale getting out of an SUV in Midtown ... Rihanna leaving a recording studio in Chelsea ... Michelle Williams walking in Brooklyn with mom Carla and daughter Matilda ... Josh Hartnett picking something out of his teeth on a Soho sidewalk ... Eliza Dushku walking in Midtown ... Rick Fox leaving his hotel ... Naomi Watts walking to the set of Fair Game in the meatpacking district ... Simon Baker talking on his cell phone ... Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sitting in a limo outside their hotel ... and Kiefer Sutherland waving to photographers.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/30/08 07:15AM

Nightlife vet Amy Sacco turns 41 today. Strangely, Today show co-anchors Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer happen to share the same birthday, too: Meredith is turning 55, while Matt is 51. Fox News' Sean Hannity is 47. Entertainment lawyer Allen Grubman (and the husband of Deborah and father of Lizzie) is 66. Tiger Woods is turning 33. Film director Bennett Miller is 42. Patti Smith is turning 62. WCBS political reporter Marcia Kramer is 60. Actress Eliza Dushku is 28. R&B singer Tyrese is 30. Comedian Tracey Ullman is 49. LeBron James is 24. Laila Ali is 31. Heidi Fleiss is turning 43. And New York County Clerk Norman Goodman—the man responsible for all those jury duty summonses—is 85.

Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse' Consigned to Friday Death Slot That Doomed 'Firefly'

Kyle Buchanan · 11/06/08 08:35PM

Back when Fox bought Joss Whedon's series pitch Dollhouse, the network bypassed the pilot stage and granted an immediate episode order in an attempt to speed the show onto the air with a minimum of speedbumps. Since then, though, the Eliza Dushku starrer has undergone cast shuffles, vicious network notes, episode reshoots, a set shutdown, and then, finally, a completely thrown-out premiere episode. Now, Fox has announced the latest, biggest setback, and it's one that even the former Faith may not be able to fight her way out of:

Only Fanfiction Can Scare The Paparazzi

Alex Carnevale · 11/02/08 05:15PM

Sienna Miller filed a lawsuit against a London-based paparazzo Darryn Lyons and his Big Pictures agency in the High Court of London to prevent them from taking photographs of her. Whether she's filing the lawsuit because she's upset about her pending split with Balthazar Getty or because she just hates the paps that much, the British legal system is about to establish another interesting precedent. Since celebrities can't retaliate any other way but in the courts, paparazzi fanfiction is here to let them settle the score.The hardest job in the world next to blogging – and nearly as well-thought of – is following celebrities around with a camera and snapping their every move.

Kyle Buchanan · 09/10/08 04:45PM

Shutdown Fever! Hot on the heels of 24 stopping production to work out script issues, Joss Whedon's upcoming Eliza Dushku vehicle Dollhouse is grinding to its own quality-mandated halt. Already, Whedon was instructed by a tinkering Fox to shoot a second pilot (the original will air as Dollhouse's second episode), and the additional order left him too busy to bring future scripts up to snuff. Currently on its third completed episode, Dollhouse sets will go dark for two weeks while Whedon works out the kinks, though Fox claims its midseason debut won't be affected. Firefly fans, commence your worrying. [Zap2It]

The Weekend That Was

cityfile · 08/04/08 02:46PM

1) A screening of Bottle Shock, a dramedy about when California beat France in a wine taste test, was hosted by Michael Dunbar of Domaine Chandon and Newton Vineyard on Sunday night at the Southampton Cinema. The film's stars Alan Rickman, Eliza Dushku, and Bill Pullman, along with Bronson van Wyck, Andrew Fry, Devorah Rose, Elizabeth Lindemann, Jill, John, and Whitney Fairchild, Jeanne Greenberg and Nick Rohatyn, and Bettina Zilkha, watched the film followed by food and wine at Savanna's. [PMc]

Dollhouse Fans Campaign to Save Show 8 Months Before it Airs

ian spiegelman · 05/25/08 11:49AM

Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Firefly creator Joss Whedon's Dollhouse isn't set to air until 2009, but the director's army of nerdy fans are already plotting to save it from the bean-counting buzz-kills at Fox. The program stars Eliza "Five by Five" Dushku as a brainwashed assassin, and so it's only reasonable that Whedon fanboys and fangirls should fear having such a precious gift of insanely hot hotness taken away from them. "Led by DollhouseForums.com, the campaign urges followers to organize viewing parties, watch the trailers online, buy Dollhouse-endorsed merch and create more fan sites."

The Five Words Defining Cannes '08: 'Macaulay Culkin Group Sex Movie'

STV · 05/20/08 04:55PM

Just when we didn't think we could be muster interest in another dispatch from Cannes, along comes Spout's resourceful Karina Longworth with five words: "Macaulay Culkin group sex movie." Apparently Sex and Breakfast is among the hundreds of films screening at the Cannes market, featuring Culkin and Eliza Dushku (!) as a troubled Los Angeles couple consulting a sex therapist who prescribes open relationships to help liven things up. "After sex, I get this moment of clarity," Culkin says in closing, something he's likely pondered aloud before staring up a Peter Pan ceiling mural at Neverland Ranch. "Do you ever get that?"

mark · 11/29/07 06:20PM

As Sex and Breakfast star Eliza Dushku is now discovering, the problem with taking a role in a movie about group sex is that you then must spend all of your time explaining to reporters that you are just playing a horny character who's exploring the multiway-fucking boundaries of her sexuality, and not necessarily an orgy enthusiast yourself. [LAT]