Cord Jefferson · 07/09/13 06:28PM

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, The View's resident right-wing shouting head, is ankling the ABC kaffeeklatsch to take her rightful place on Fox News. She'll be joining Fox & Friends as a replacement for Gretchen Carlson, who is getting her own show.

Bill Maher: Elisabeth Hasselbeck 'Had Some Bug Up Her Ass'

Matt Cherette · 11/16/11 01:56AM

Elisabeth Hasselbeck had quite a bone to pick with Bill Maher on The View this morning about a joke he'd told about her months ago, and pick it she did. One would think he'd mind being attacked, but on tonight's Late Show, Maher told David Letterman he was actually pleased with how she reacted: "Thank you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, for making me look good!"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Writes Children's Poem About Osama Bin Laden

Richard Lawson · 05/04/11 12:28PM

Noted wordsmith, political scholar, and The View panelist Elisabeth Hasselbeck wasn't quite sure how to tell her kids about the death of international big bad Osama bin Laden. So she did what any reasonable parent would do to explain the death of a reviled terrorist: she wrote a little rhyming poem.

Beauty Abounds at Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 02/16/11 06:55PM

Just like Hansel and Gretel were trapped in that gingerbread house, we are still trapped in the sweet, sweet world of New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the best pictures of the day, like this model backstage at 3.1 Philip Lim. We can't tell if she's delighted or yawning. [Image via AP]

The Four View Hosts Unite Against Catholic Hypocrisy

Matt Toder · 12/23/10 12:30PM

On today's View, the hosts discussed the reaction to a segment they did yesterday, where they took the Catholic church to task for excommunicating a nun who facilitated an abortion to save the mother's life. Their defense inside.

Barack Obama to Do Battle With Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View

Richard Lawson · 07/26/10 12:56PM

Talk show-lovin' "celebrity" President Obama will be the first sitting US president in history to appear on a daytime talk show when he appears on the ladyklatsch on Thursday. Conservative Jack Russell terrier Hasselbeck readies some well-researched questions and complaints.