Meet the Periodic Table's Two Newest Elements

Max Read · 06/08/11 06:54PM

Two new man-made elements have been added to the periodic table after winning reality show Top Element. Elements 114 and 116, both originally formed in Moscow in 2004 and 2006, beat out would-be elements 113, 115 and audience favorite 118, all three of which were rejected by the international judges' panel after weeks of grueling, dramatic competition between the extremely unstable substances. The two newcomers will be the heaviest elements on the periodic table (their names refer to the number of protons in their nuclei) and have been awarded a record contract with Island/Def Jam. [WSJ]

Party Balloons Should Cost $100 Because We're 'Running Out' of Helium

Max Read · 08/24/10 12:57AM

Thanks to artificially low prices, helium reserves could be entirely depleted in 100 years—jeopardizing the space and nuclear industries, which use the element for crucial components and processes. That squeaky voice isn't so funny anymore, is it?