Can Radio Shack Save Itself?

Hamilton Nolan · 09/12/14 08:46AM

Radio Shack, also known as "The Shack" or "The King of Replacement Parts for Electronic Items that No Longer Exist," is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Can the good old "We Sell Modern Products Now—We Swear!" find itself a reason to exist?

Computer Zombie Parents Unconcerned About Computer Zombie Children

Hamilton Nolan · 06/04/13 01:57PM

In the olden days, it was common for mothers to say things such as, "Stop watching all that TV! Go read a book! Bah on Herbert Hoover!" Today's parents, though, could not care less about the fact that their zombie children are being raised exclusively by internet pornography websites, like this one.

Which Airline Is Most Fascist About Inflight Electronics?

Adrian Chen · 12/07/11 04:03PM

Alec Baldwin was kicked off his American Airlines flight yesterday for playing an iPhone game, (or throwing a big baby temper tantrum, depending on who you ask). This had us wondering, which airlines are strictest about enforcing their dumb inflight electronics rules?

Using His iPad, Artist Finger Paints Man's Portrait

Matt Cherette · 06/28/10 12:38PM

Every day, it seems a new iPad feature gets demonstrated on the Internet. Watch as artist David Kassan uses his iPad and the Brushes app to finger paint a man's portrait with a stunning level of detail. Electronic art, indeed!

New Gizmo to Save Old Media

Hamilton Nolan · 01/04/10 09:27AM

David Carr thinks the coming Apple Tablet will be the dying print media's holy grail, "saving some embattled print providers from doom." E-media may in fact finally save newspapers. By killing paper. [NYT]

Disturbing Playstation Ad Will Put You Off Video Games Forever

Hamilton Nolan · 05/13/08 10:03AM

Out of a Vienna ad agency comes this abomination of a Playstation 3 ad that, were there truly a God, would never have shone its dark light on world. Let me try to paint a verbal picture for you: it's a guy with a thumb for a penis. Plus-ten points to the ad agency for the excellent Photoshop work here; but minus-eight-billion points for ever letting this thing come into being. I never want to touch another Playstation as long as I live, much less another thumb. The full and uncut ad is below: beware.