Today's Song: Squarepusher 'Dark Steering'

Rich Juzwiak · 04/12/12 04:35PM

Whenever I hear electronic music this caustic, I like to imagine my (now dead) grandparents listening to it (when they were alive). Try it, it's fun. Rest in peace, guys (unless this is playing).

Electronic Arts wants its games on Facebook

Mary Jane Irwin · 02/12/08 12:57AM

Electronic Arts is learning to ask questions like "What is your sex song?" and "Hottie" requests. That's right, the videogames giant is leaping into the world of Facebook applications. Former EA Los Angeles general manager Neil Young is in charge of a "stealth division" believed to be EA Blueprint, which will develop and publish games to social networks. At least someone who knows what they're doing will be making games for the network. But if these rumors pan out, this at least sheds a bit more light on the threatened shutdown of Scrabulous.