Now What?

John Cook · 11/07/12 12:46AM

Nothing is unfucked. It's the same good guy versus the same bad guys, with the same set of massive social and economic problems, and no evident way out. So congratulations, America, you won four years of vicious trench warfare.

Gawker Does Election Day 2012

Emma Carmichael · 11/07/12 12:13AM

Janna Ryan's husband Paul didn't get the big promotion he was after last night, and boy did it show on her face; she looked like the most miserable person in the world when she went up to hug Ann and Mitt on stage after Romney conceded the race. More »

Let's All Drink to Obama's Win

Cord Jefferson · 11/07/12 12:10AM

It's true: President Obama has been reelected, winning both the electoral college and maybe the popular vote, and destroying the hopes of millions and millions of rabid conservative Americans in the span of a few hours. Over the next several days and years and months everyone is going to offer their complaints and arguments and suspicions about why Obama won and Mitt Romney lost. Many of those opinions will be wrong, and some of them will be right, but for now let's forget about them and celebrate.

Watch Fox News Chew Its Own Leg Off in a Fury of Recrimination

John Cook · 11/07/12 12:03AM

After Fox News—like everyone else—called Ohio for Obama, Karl Rove challenged the decision on-air, causing what can only be described as a kernel panic. Fox News' decision desk, its institutional center of authority for making sound election calls, had issued its decision. And Fox News, in its capacity as a newsgathering operation, had called the election for Obama. But Karl Rove, Fox News' ideological paymaster, challenged the decision. So Megyn Kelly got out of her anchor chair, walked down the hall, and interrogated her own highly trained election analysts on Rove's behalf. You are actually watching what happens when reality intrudes on a dying fever-dream.

Tammy Baldwin & Elizabeth Warren Elected to Senate, Richard 'Rape Is God's Gift' Mourdock and Todd 'Legitimate Rape' Akin Lose

Taylor Berman · 11/06/12 10:49PM

Bad night to be an old white Republican man with a terrible understanding of science and rape: both Richard "Rape Pregnancies Are God's Gifts" Mourdock and Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin lost their races; Mourdock was defeated by Joe Donnelly in the Indiana Senate race, and Claire McCaskill easily beat Akin to retain her Missouri Senate spot.