Rich Juzwiak · 06/26/13 12:27PM

Yeezus hangover relief: Killer Mike and El-P's collaborative album Run the Jewels is available for free now.

Today's Song: Killer Mike 'Reagan'

Rich Juzwiak · 05/18/12 02:23PM

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the album that has ruled my week (and is a strong contender for my favorite album of the year so far), Killer Mike's sixth full-length, R.A.P. Music. Produced by El-P and sporting an acronym that represents Rebellious African People, the album is marked with clarity — in Mike's voice and lyrics, in its homage to the past 30 years of hip-hop, and in its agitated spirit. Chris Weingarten says it best on Spin: "It's an impossible rap record that appeals directly to 'golden era' purism (i.e., 'back when rap was good' for people aged 35 and up), but is still noisy enough to shake off the cobwebs and scare the squares. They really should put it out on cassette."