Egyptian Videographer Captures His Own Death Amid Massacre

Cord Jefferson · 07/09/13 08:36PM

Ahmed Samir Assem was one of the 51 people killed on Monday when Egyptian soldiers began firing on a crowd gathered outside a Republican Guard building. But unlike the other victims, many of whom were supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, Assem was a photographer for Egypt's Al-Horia Wa Al-Adala newspaper. Now there are reports he captured the last moments of his life while doing his job.

Egyptian President Refuses to Resign Amid Protests, Military Threats

Cord Jefferson · 07/02/13 08:12PM

In a nearly three-hour address run on state television this evening, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi responded to millions of protesters in his country who are demanding he resign. Morsi, who was elected one year ago last Sunday, said unequivocally that he will not step down.