Is McLovin In Danger Of Becoming The Next Pedro?

Mark Graham · 02/05/08 08:40PM

When Napoleon Dynamite exploded into the pop culture universe back in the summer of 2004, more people than we care to remember walked around sporting "Vote For Pedro" t-shirts. In the wake of that film's inexplicable success, Jon Heder went back to work (albeit mostly unmemorably) while Efren Ramirez, better known as Pedro, seemed content just to ride the wave of popularity that the film provided him. During the next year, there was nary a public function that Ramirez DIDN'T show up to, nor was there a photo opp that went by without him sporting a goofy grin and his "Vote For Pedro" shirt (including the Academy Awards!). Why do we bring this up? Because we fear the very same thing is about to happen to McLovin.