The Clintons Have a For-Profit College Problem Of Their Own

Brendan O'Connor · 06/22/16 02:15PM

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s foray into for-profit education with Trump University, which currently faces two class-action lawsuits in California brought by former students, and one fraud lawsuit in New York, is by now well documented. In marketing materials, Trump compared Trump University to his alma mater, the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; in a deposition in January, he favorably compared its refund policy to the Home Shopping Network’s. Then, when called on the carpet for failing to deliver results for students, Trump said in his own defense that no one should have believed his “marketing BS.”

The Scarlet Letter of Academia

Hamilton Nolan · 05/31/16 11:30AM

America’s colleges and universities are out for the summer. For students, it’s a time to party. For the low-paid adjunct professors who make higher education function, it is a time to wonder whether they made a terrible mistake.

Private Schools Still Enable Segregation

Hamilton Nolan · 03/29/16 08:34AM

When America first legally integrated its public schools, it faced many years of “massive resistance” from racist white people. Today, private schools—particularly in the South—exist as a shadow system of segregated education.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/12/15 03:25PM

Ben Carson said yesterday that free college education would cause “the destruction of the nation.” We’re now in the part of the campaign where we just listen to Ben Carson talk until all his poll numbers go down for good.

U.S. Government Still Aiming The Cash Faucet At Fraudulent For-Profit Colleges

Chris Thompson · 10/12/15 10:25PM

Good news for all you scammers out there running bogus for-profit colleges: the United States government is wondering whether you’ve got some extra storage room in your basement for all these surplus billions of dollars it doesn’t have. Here, just take ‘em, man. They’re yours.