Happy Birthday to History's Great Critic-Gossip, Edmund Wilson

Michelle Dean · 05/08/14 10:30AM

Edmund Wilson, the noted critic and public intellectual, was born on this day in 1895. (He died in 1972.) Wilson had the kind of come-to-New-York-and-pal-around-with-writer-celebrities life that quite a lot of people still dream of. He was also a notorious gossip.

To-Do List

Gawker · 04/30/03 11:38AM

1. SNL cast member Amy Poehler hosts "Punk Rock Comedy Clash," a benefit for the currently-homeless Upright Citizen�s Brigade Theater, at Tribeca Rock Club.
2. Hear Pulitzer Prize-winning author Louis Menand discuss Edmund Wilson�s newly re-published To The Finland Station, at the Housingworks Used Book Café in Soho.
3. Catch Pearl Gluck and Basya Schechter's "Trance" sound and video installation at the Eldridge Street Project. (Live performance and reception at 6PM.)