Against Editors

Hamilton Nolan · 08/18/14 12:00PM

In the writing world, there is a hierarchy. The writers are on the bottom. Above them are editors, who tell the writers what to change. This is backwards. How many good writers has Big Edit destroyed?

L.A. Times Editor Finally Quits His Hellish Job

Hamilton Nolan · 12/13/11 05:10PM

Russ Stanton is stepping down as editor of the LA Times, a job he's held for the past four years, through some of the shittiest layoff-plagued times in the history of the newspaper industry, and under the ownership of the thoroughly incompetent Tribune Co. He'll be replaced by Managing Editor Davan Maharaj. Perhaps the biggest story here is how small of a story this is, in 2012.

Five Pieces of Advice For Jill Abramson

Hamilton Nolan · 09/06/11 12:16PM

Today is Jill Abramson's first official day as the editor of The New York Times. Congratulations, Jill. We, the faceless Cheeto-eating bloggers of America, lovehate the New York Times as much as you do. Some unwanted advice, below.

Fashion Editors Cut Size Labels Off Clothes to Protect Celebrities' Feelings

Maureen O'Connor · 04/26/11 02:41PM

In a Today Show segment on vanity sizing, More editor Lesley Jane Seymour described the lengths fashion editors must go to protect the fragile egos of celebrities: "When we go to shoots it's all about the ego. If a celebrity says she's a size 8 and we know she's not we cut the sizes out because we know she won't put it on if it says it's a 10."

Towards a Better Journalism Career Path

Hamilton Nolan · 03/08/11 12:14PM

Journalism legend Charles Pierce makes a great god damn point in a new interview: the idea that a good writer will automatically make a good editor is a farce. The journalism job ladder is broken. What is to be done?

Men's Health Editor Plagiarizes His Own Writers

Maureen O'Connor · 01/26/11 03:46PM

Last year, we caught Men's Health editor Dave Zinczenko reusing covers. Turns out that's not the only way Zinczenko recycles content: He's been ripping other writers' bylines off old Men's Health articles and passing them off as his own.