Even Richer Man Says Rich Man Suing Him Has No Case

emily · 04/24/07 11:04AM

Former Simon & Schuster CEO Richard Snyder is suing Warner Music honcho for $100 million because of a deal he says they had—evidence of which is maybe contained in the computer that he claims Bronfman's henchmen broke all on purpose. Yesterday we posted a portion of the suit entitled "Bronfman Jr.'s Illusory Record of Success," which basically goes on at length about how Bronfman has never achieved anything without help from his rich family, never went to college, and "set in motion the demolition of Seagram, by moving its assets into the mercurial world of entertainment, his personal passion." But one of the documents included with the complaint seems to indicate otherwise.

Rich Man Sues Even Richer Man For $100 Million

Emily · 04/23/07 05:35PM

Edgar Bronfman Jr. is the CEO of Warner Music—remember, the man who took away our Napster back in the day? He's also, according to the millionaire who's suing him, a lying, cheating criminal! Richard Snyder, the former CEO of Simon & Schuster, says he was hired by Bronfman in early 2002 in order to advise him about the formation of Warner Music Group, but that he later "abruptly severed his relationship" with Snyder" and then BROKE HIS 'PUTER. Ahem, more specifically, he "caused his agents (including full-time employees of Warner Music) to wrongfully tamper with Snyder's computer, rendering it incapable of retrieving e-mails, business records, and other materials relevant to the claims." That's from the lawsuit which we were sent today, along with a very vivid press release, by a publicist who Snyder has apparently retained. We eagerly await the arrival of a press release about Bronfman's countersuit! Maybe it will come with some sort of goodie bag. Our favorite part of the suit is after the jump. It's entitled "Bronfman Jr.'s Illusory Record of Success," which is kind of a good name for a novel, which is what it resembles!