It's Celebrity Defendant Day at 100 Centre Street

cityfile · 03/31/09 12:56PM

What do Kelly Killoren Bensimon, Ja Rule, and Plaxico Burress all have in common? All three made appearances at the courthouse at 100 Centre Street this morning, which would have been a very convenient coincidence for waiting news photographers if they managed to catch them all. A "caramel-skinned" Kelly turned up with lawyer Ed Hayes to face charges she assaulted her boyfriend. (Her case was adjourned to June 8.)

Your Visit to Scores Will Put Eddie Hayes' Mind at Ease

cityfile · 09/29/08 01:31PM

Legendary defense attorney Eddie Hayes is very concerned about the economy. Well, at least as it relates to the city's population of strippers and hookers, a world with which he's intimately acquainted: "The strippers are getting killed—it's terrible," he told the Washington Post over the weekend. "It really started in the last month. What they really need are the guys who go in and spend $500." To those bankers who are still employed: You've got your charity work cut out for you. [WaPo via NYO]

Ed Hayes

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:31PM

One of the city's most prominent defense attorneys, Hayes is the guy many important New Yorkers call when they find themselves in handcuffs at four o'clock in the morning.