Outkast's Big Boi Arrested Over Ecstasy, Viagra

Max Read · 08/07/11 03:05PM

Atlanta rapper Big Boi—one half of Outkast along with André 3000, and star of one of the great episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit—was arrested in Miami on Sunday on drug possession charges. Rappers, right? Always with ecstasy and viagra-fueled cruises!

Ecstasy Doesn't Damage Your Brain

Max Read · 02/15/11 11:30PM

A new study that compared ecstasy users to non-users found that ecstasy doesn't impair cognitive ability, contradicting the results of earlier studies. This study—published on Tuesday in Addiction—was unique in that its subjects—even the non-users—were all rave-goers, and therefore undergoing the same experience of sleep deprivation, dehydration, annoying guy with the goddamn glow sticks, etc.; even then, researchers "found no ominous, concerning risks to cognitive performance" [CBC]

Diet Coke Will Also Kill You, FYI

Hamilton Nolan · 02/09/11 05:44PM

Breast cancer shocker! Gum healthiness! Lonely exercising! Teen girl suicide! Young strokes! Egg cholesterol! Diet soda heart attack! Baby obesity! And L.A.'s official guide to ecstasy! It's your Wednesday Health Watch, where we watch your health—while rolling, in the official style!

More Americans Getting High Than Ever Before

Max Read · 09/15/10 11:59PM

Oh no! Illegal drug use in America has risen to the highest level since 2002, according to a government report, driven by increases in the use of marijuana, ecstasy, and methamphetamine. Here are some of the figures:

Around the World In a K-Hole

Hamilton Nolan · 05/22/09 01:30PM

Since the long weekend's coming up, let's learn about the latest news on dangerous illegal drugs, shall we? Yes. It's international: Special K is everywhere in Asia, "legal highs" are threatened in Britain, and in British Columbia, kids are joining the Crystal Meth Society!:

Sex, drugs, and violence: The 10 surprises in Henry Nicholas's indictment

Jackson West · 06/06/08 05:40PM

Nothing former Broadcom CEO Henry Nicholas did is particularly remarkable to anyone who's enjoyed Brett Morgen's The Kid Stays in the Picture biopic about the life and times of Robert Evans. What's remarkable is that it was a technology CEO in Orange County and not someone in the abnormally amoral entertainment industry. As cynical and jaded as we may be about the foibles of the ultrarich of the Valley, even we were surprised by some of the stunts detailed in the allegations, if only for their naïveté.