Can Marc Ecko Pay His Rent? (Updated)

Hamilton Nolan · 04/08/09 03:44PM

Last month it was widely reported that free-spending, once-cool designer Marc Ecko's empire was on the verge of bankruptcy. Today, we scored an internal memo from Ecko (kind of) reassuring his employees. And another rumor!

Ecko Looking For A Few Good Twatwaffles

abalk2 · 12/05/06 11:40AM

Are you looking to change careers? Are you also a total douchebag? We may just have the job for you! Head over to 420 West 23rd Street this Friday, where you'll have the opportunity to prove your completely justified sense of self-worth to the bright lights of Mark Ecko (sorry, we don't know how to code that line over the "o") Enterprises! This could be your big chance. We've put the full ad in all its dickflappy glory after the jump, but our favorite part is the line at the end, which declares that "We are an Opportunistic Employer." No kidding!