Ebola Is Back

Ashley Feinberg · 04/01/16 08:42AM

Months after officially declaring an end to the deadliest Ebola outbreak on record, the World Health Organization is reporting that a deceased woman in Liberia has tested positive for the Ebola virus.

Ebola Is Dead (For Now)

Rich Juzwiak · 01/14/16 09:45AM

The World Health Organization has declared an end to the deadliest Ebola outbreak on record, reports the New York Times. The announcement comes after the countries hit hardest by the epidemic—Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea—reported zero cases for 42 days, or two incubation periods. During its two thriving years, the epidemic killed 11,300 people and infected more than 28,500.

Health Care Worker Diagnosed With Ebola in Scotland

Taylor Berman · 12/29/14 02:17PM

The Scottish government confirmed on Monday that a healthcare worker who recently traveled from West Africa has tested positive for Ebola in Glasgow. The patient has been isolated at a special unit for infectious disease at Gartnavel Hospital and will soon be transferred to Royal Free Hospital in London.

Body of Brooklyn Woman to be Tested for Ebola

Aleksander Chan · 11/19/14 08:10AM

The body of a 40-year-old woman who died of an apparent heart attack Tuesday afternoon at the African Queen Hair Braiding hair salon in Brownsville, Brooklyn is being tested for Ebola as "an abundance of caution," city health officials announced. The woman returned 18 days ago from Guinea in West Africa, one of the countries hit hardest by the virus.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/17/14 09:05AM

If you get Ebola, it turns out that the single best thing you can do is to drink a gallon of water a day. "I want sports personalities to be talking about it," says a doctor in Sierra Leone. "I want everybody to be talking about it." Spread the word!

How Ebola Became the Oldest Story About Africa

Wayétu Moore · 11/14/14 12:00PM

It was December 2001. Senior year at Spring High School—the nucleus of a small town called Spring, Texas, two dozen miles north of Houston. Sixteen years old and like other restless suburbanites, I was over-committed to extracurricular activities, spent an unreasonable amount of time with my friends, and my only real concern was how far I could stretch the $1/gallon gas on my middle-grade car.