We Are All Complicit In 'Moment Of Truth'

Hamilton Nolan · 03/20/08 04:03PM

So, anybody catch last night's episode of Fox's show, "You're A Dirty Whore, Aren't You?" Okay, I see here the formal title is "Moment of Truth." Last night, a blonde, curly-haired hostess/ model from New York hit the trifecta by insulting her mother, insulting her friend, and proving herself to be a dirty, bad girl. Whoa, Fox was just as outraged as you were! Why is it so hard to find clean-living people for these reality shows? In perfect form, the guest proved that both her current and former boyfriend are smug assholes (simply by allowing them to show their faces), and then proceeded to confidently continue to sell her honor past the point of no return. And how much money did she walk away with in exchange? The highlight clip is below. This show makes my soul feel weird.