Are You Enough of an Asshole to Buy This Building?

Tom Scocca · 04/15/16 04:02PM

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on an exciting New York City real estate offering: For $22 million, someone can buy a 20-unit apartment building in Brooklyn Heights to use as their very own single-family dwelling. Are you that person? That is to say, are you a monstrous asshole, who would like to make dozens of people’s lives worse for the sake of your personal luxury?

Hamilton Nolan · 12/12/14 10:25AM

"You've seen a little bit of a tension between capital and labor," says Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein. Hey, let's not go overboard.

Celebrities Are Awful: Gifting Suites Edition

Richard Lawson · 08/26/10 12:49PM

Today celebrities are awful because of awards gifting suites. You know, where millionaires are given extravagant amounts of fancy free shit because they're famous. Well the Emmys are on Sunday and this year the suites are all about charity.

Thai Protesters Live the Recession Dream

Hamilton Nolan · 05/19/10 08:38AM

Sick of all these rich guys' crap, Thai protesters went ahead and set the country's stock exchange on fire today. "Earlier in the day, Thailand's benchmark index finished up 0.7% on hopes for a quick resolution." Efficient-market hypothesis: disproved. [WSJ]

Rich, Drunk And Out Of Control Diners

Joshua Stein · 08/01/07 04:50PM

This morning, Times food scribe Frank Bruni took on the troubling yet completely understandable—maybe even great?—sociological phenomenon of rich patrons at nice restaurants getting completely faced on wine that costs as much as your monthly paycheck and then doing stupid-awesome things like screwing in bathrooms and stripping in dining rooms.