Happy Easter From Ryan Gosling

Louis Peitzman · 04/08/12 01:04PM

A Twitter account purporting to be Ryan Gosling is responsible for hiding 200 Gosling-themed eggs around New York City. Although it's doubtful that this is actually the actor's doing — he's never been that big on Twitter himself — it still feels like a delightful Easter miracle. Besides, if he's saving people from speeding cars, who's to say he's not helping everyone get in the holiday spirit with a citywide Easter egg hunt?

Happy Easter: Watch Out for Salmonella

Louis Peitzman · 04/08/12 11:34AM

Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, eat chocolate bunnies, and of course, nuzzle baby chicks and ducks. But as adorable as fuzzy little birds are, the CDC warns that these animals are deceptively dangerous.

Colorado Parents Ruin Easter For Their Children

Louis Peitzman · 03/26/12 07:56PM

Kids looking forward to the annual Easter egg hunt in Old Colorado City will be disappointed this year: the popular event has been canceled. Sure, they can still celebrate the Jesus aspects of the holiday, but gone is the thrill of searching for colored eggs to earn prizes and candy. And it's not even the children's fault.

Barack Obama Gives Wingnuts a New Pastor to Hate

Jim Newell · 04/29/11 02:30PM

Conservative pundits have been known to give President Obama crap for not going to church. It's part of why, if you're, say, Byron York, the president should only blame himself for the millions of morons who believe he's a Muslim. But when Obama does go to church, as he and his family did on Easter Sunday, he still ends up in a multi-pronged scandal. He didn't "do" Easter correctly.

What Your Favorite Easter Candy Says About You

Brian Moylan · 04/22/11 05:25PM

Sunday is Easter, which means that today's the last day when you can go to the drug store and find a sprawling selection of the seasonal sweets that only Jesus' resurrection brings. Everyone has their favorite treat around this time of year, and your selection says a lot about you. Now is your time to head to CVS and get a bag or box of your candy of choice, because after tomorrow the "Easter Bunny" will have bought up all the goodies. But before you go for that sugar rush, let's take a look at what your selection means. [Photo above via Flickr]

Stephen Colbert Comes Out Against the War on Easter

Matt Cherette · 04/14/11 11:35PM

"Jesus must be spinning in his empty grave!" That's how Stephen Colbert introduced his outrage on tonight's Report while discussing the secular war on Easter. For Colbert, the prospect of a non-religious "Spring Egg Hunt" took things too far, so he decided to explain how the Bible itself calls for eggs on the holiday.

Easter Bunny Caught Disabling Law Enforcement Cameras

Elaine Moran · 04/07/10 10:30AM

Shocked at the behavior of the fellow who brought you all those tasty Cadbury Creme Eggs? Well, at least he's not tarring and feathing law enforcement vehicles like the other folks in this video!

Scary Crucifixion Rituals Around the World

Maureen O'Connor · 04/04/10 02:21PM

Easter is the best holiday for sadists, as Catholics worldwide bloody themselves imitating the passion of Christ, just like Mel Gibon's torture porno with that name. It's also rural Filipinos' annual season of infamy, for literally nailing themselves to crosses.

Kids on Easter Egg Hunt Find Dead Body

Ravi Somaiya · 04/03/10 04:41PM

Easter. A time for chocolate, contemplation, and family. And, if you're a couple of kids in a Des Moines park, for finding a dead body while on an easter egg hunt. (We're not going to make a resurrection joke.) [AP]

The Cadbury Egg-Smashing Machine

Michael Jordan · 02/23/10 05:42PM

Some very bored soul made a very cool Cadbury Creme Egg smashing machine. His roommates must be such patient people.

Rabbit Rising

Gabriel Snyder · 04/10/09 05:15PM

[A German factory manufactures an army of wooden bunnies in preparation for Easter. Photo: Getty]

What Would Jesus Kill?

ian spiegelman · 03/23/08 10:56AM

I tuned into "The McLaughlin Group" this morning all giddy about the prospect of panelist and Chicago Tribune writer Clarence Page (who is black) getting into a sweet shout-off with MSNBC talker Patrick Buchanan over Buchanan's recent column calling for blacks to show some "gratitude" for the way America has treated them. But moderator John McLaughlin threw me a Christian curveball for Easter, asking his guests, "Would Jesus support the death penalty?"