Motorcycle-Driving Easter Bunny Pulled Over, Lectured for Driving Without Helmet

Taylor Berman · 03/31/13 07:30PM

In what was surely a bizarre scene for the patrolman who made the bust, a man wearing a full Easter Bunny costume, including a view-obstructing rabbit head, was stopped by the California Highway Patrol for driving without a helmet on Saturday. San Diego CHP officer Adam Griffiths spotted the Easter Bunny, who – to complete the odd scene— was driving an old-fashioned motorcyle with a side car.

Easter Bunny Arrested for Drug Possession

Louis Peitzman · 04/08/12 03:18PM

The Easter Bunny — or, OK, an Easter Bunny — was arrested Thursday for the illegal possession of prescription narcotics. Joshua Lee Bolling was observed "acting suspicious" in his downtime as the Piedmont Mall Easter Bunny.