Scores of Dolphins Are Dying and No One Knows Why

Maggie Lange · 08/09/13 08:39AM

Over 120 dolphin corpses have washed on shore so far this summer—seven times the normal amount. Experts say that the number of dead bottlenose dolphins is "very alarming." The strandlings have appeared on shore between New York and Virginia starting in July and increasing over the past two weeks. In Virginia, 64 animals have been found.

The Eastern Seaboard Prepares for Hurricane Irene

Leah Beckmann · 08/26/11 02:40PM

The clock is ticking as residents along the East Coast prepare to suffer the wrath of Hurricane Irene. Will it actually be as bad as everyone is saying? As you can see from these photos, lots of people are taking the "better safe than sorry" approach. So fire up your "Come on Irene" jokes (if you're the sort of person who would make one of those), board up all the windows, and prepare to loot your nearest grocery store. Irene is upon us!

What the Blizzard Looks Like Outside

Max Read · 12/27/10 12:36AM

If you're reading this, chances are you're warm and cozy—either because you're inside, or because you're not in the Northeast, suffering through "Snowpocalypse" or whatever the hell the Weather Channel is calling it. Here's what it looks like.