Aw, We Think He’s Human: Disneynature’s Chimpanzee

Rich Juzwiak · 04/20/12 11:25AM

This year's Disneynature's Earth Day documentary offering, Chimpanzee, is the latest in a rash of documentaries about the emotional lives of animals to emerge in the past year or so. Project Nim, One Lucky Elephant and The Whale (my favorite of the bunch because it was responsible for one of the most moving cinema experiences I've ever had) dissect and bemoan humans' complicated relationship with those whom we share Earth with – the good, the bad, the exploitative. Those three movies present stories of direct human interaction and, more specifically, how human interruption can severely fuck up innocent animal lives.

How the CIA Secretly Fights Global Warming

Adrian Chen · 04/22/11 04:07PM

Happy Earth Day, everyone! The CIA wants you all to know that it is at the forefront of conservation by… shredding and burning documents. They sent out this official Earth Day press release highlighting its "sustainability and conservation initiatives":

In Honor of Earth Day, Fox and Friends Blue Themselves

Rachel Simpson · 04/22/10 11:16AM

The Friends are skeptical of climate change and more or less disapprove of the planet as a whole, so they're celebrating Earth Day the only way they know how- by jabbering stream-of-consciousness-style about money and race.
Apologies for using an Arrested Development reference on these morons.

New York Post's Cunning Environmentalism

Nick Denton · 04/21/08 12:05PM

Careful readers will have noticed something strange about the New York Post, today: there's less copy on each page, and a disconcertingly wide margin at the top and bottom, as if someone made a mistake. It's not. Rupert Murdoch's New York tabloid is shrinking, tomorrow, in honor of Earth Day; but the dimensions of the printed area were adjusted a day ahead of the actual paper, hence all the the white space. Rewind a second. "In honor of Earth Day?" Corporate America may kowtow to the environmentalists, but the Australian media mogul's News Corporation remains a bastion of planet-destroying bravado, surely.