You're Going to Feel Very Bad for So Long

Sam Biddle · 11/02/15 06:40PM

Jesus Christ. The sun went down at 4:51 today in New York. Oh my God. It might as well have never come up. That’s so bad—and get this: it’s not going to set after 5 p.m. until January 22nd. You’re in for a long, bad time. This is awful.

Adam Weinstein · 07/21/14 02:30PM

Earth broke another all-time heat record again. "We are living in the steroid era of the climate system," one researcher says. Together, there's nothing we can't do! Except for reversing global warming.

Los Angeles, Again With The Earthquakes

Justin Charity · 03/29/14 09:13AM

A magnitude-5.1 earthquake blew Los Angeles' high last night, striking at 9:09pm local time for about 30 seconds, with at least five aftershocks ranging 2.7-3.6. Authorities across all affected counties have confirmed gas leaks, water main breaks, and a rock slide near the earthquake epicenter around Brea in Orange County, California, just 20 miles south of L.A.

So, There's Another Earth Populated by Super-Advanced Beings (Possibly)

Jordan Sargent · 12/18/12 11:08PM

Depending on how you feel about extra terrestrials, either your greatest fear or hope may soon be confirmed. Astronomers at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK (which, by the way, is the most English name for anything ever) have studied 6,000 observations of the Tau Ceti star and found that there may be as many as five planets orbiting it, which can only mean one thing: aliens!

What It Feels Like to Fly Over Planet Earth

Max Read · 09/18/11 12:32PM

Here's a gorgeous time-lapse video constructed (by James Drake) out of 600 publicly-available photos taken from the International Space Station as it orbited around the Earth. Our only gripe: No music! We would have gone with this, or maybe this. But we're open to hearing your suggestions for a space jam if you post them in the comments.

Possibly Habitable Planet Discovered Nearby

Max Read · 09/30/10 01:25AM

Astronomers have discovered a possibly Earth-like—and therefore possibly liveable—planet in a star system 20 light years away, which is pretty close, in galactic terms. But can we all move to that planet when we've finished destroying this one?

The Surly Bonds

Richard Lawson · 05/21/09 04:21PM

[An image of a thin band of Earth's atmosphere taken from the Space Shuttle Atlantis yesterday; image via AP]

BBC Accused of Bias by the Most British Man Who Ever Lived

ian spiegelman · 09/27/08 03:33PM

Lord Christopher Monckton (pictured left—that's really him!) says his wacky denials of global warming were unfairly skewed in a recent BBC documentary on the environment. Lord Monckton—a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher and not an invention of Evelyn Waugh's—claims, "They made it sound as if these were just my personal views, as if I was some potty peer. It was caddish of them." Oh dude, you have got to be in the news every weekend forever!

'No Impact Man' Is Amazingly Still Married

Joshua Stein · 07/31/07 05:10PM

Remember Colin Beavan, the 40-something Brooklyn writer who forswore toilet paper and showers in pursuit of a book deal about being green? To us it seemed that his wife, a kindly Business Week editor by the name of Michelle Conlin, was only hanging on by a thread. We're surprised to find that, months later, it seems she's still hanging on by that very same thread. Who knew organic shade-grown raffia was so sturdy?