Hamilton Nolan · 08/08/16 04:25PM

Could swimmers one day get ear-removal surgery to reduce their drag in the pool—and would such a move be considered “fair play?” We must think about these hypotheticals before they become reality.

Tom Scocca · 05/07/13 02:57PM

(The beer-through-the-ears video below is brought to you from Cink, which is like Gawker an online publication in the Blogwire Hungary Szellemi Alkotast Hasznosito KFT family.)

Dr. Oz Demonstrates Earring Dangers In Ickiest Way Possible

David · 12/03/09 06:19PM

Never afraid to take on tough subjects, Dr. Oz used the last segment of his show to raise awareness of dangerous fashion trends. He highlighted artery-constricting jeans, narrow toe-gnarling heels and hoop ear rings that are more like Death Rings!