Taylor Berman · 04/24/14 09:36AM

The FDA proposed new rules today that would regulate e-cigarettes for the first time. Once finalized, the regulations will prevent the sale of e-cigs to minors, prohibit the distribution of free samples, and require warnings that nicotine is addictive.

Robo-Vaping Is the Sad Future of Smoking

Hamilton Nolan · 10/08/13 02:42PM

Lawmakers in Europe have voted to ban menthol cigarettes, but have rejected a proposal to heavily regulate "E-cigarettes." This development further cements the vast gulf between the cool, dangerous, retro smoking choices of the past, and today's ridiculous techno-vaping nerd trend.

Electronic Cigarettes Will Never Be Cool

Hamilton Nolan · 12/06/12 01:05PM

As a connoisseur of cultural detritus, you've probably seen this ad in which purported actor "Stephen Dorff," looking weary from days of dogged stubble-trimming, juts his chin repeatedly in your direction while explaining why he chooses to smoke Blu™ brand e-cigarettes, besides the fact that he is their paid spokesman. "Negative! One! I'm tired of being a walking ashtray," says "Stephen Dorff," no doubt bathed in Tom Ford cologne at that very moment.

E-Cigarette Denial Prompts Airborne Peanut Barrage

Hamilton Nolan · 07/14/11 08:47AM

Remember "E-cigarettes," the electronic cigarettes of the future that we're all smoking now, thanks to the marketing genius of some rich guy? Sure, you remember. You're smoking one right now. As you know, nobody better mess with our e-cigarettes? Or else we will throw peanuts at you, or whatever else may be handy at the time in question!

Lone Rich Guy Starts Airline E-Cigarette Trend

Hamilton Nolan · 11/02/10 01:25PM

USA Today has identified what could be the next big thing in air travel: allowing onboard "E-cigarettes," so smokers can puff away naturally on their chemical-filled plastic tubes without disturbing their fellow passengers. How'd this soon-to-be-everywhere trend get started?