Chelsea Handler To End Talk Show in August

Rich Juzwiak · 05/28/14 03:05PM

Come August 27, there will be no female late-night talk show hosts on U.S. TV. In a press release, E! announced Chelsea Handler's vehicle Chelsea Lately will end with an "hour-long live event" on Tuesday, August 26.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Lost $10 Million, But They Aren't Poor

Rich Juzwiak · 12/10/13 11:28AM

For some evil reason, E! devoted an hour of programming to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt last night. The where-are-they-now special After Shock: Heidi & Spencer caught us up on two people we never wanted to hear from again (he gained 50 lbs., from eating pie and is in law school, she wants babies and is still distracted by shiny things).

Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Barely Appeared in Her Own Documentary

Rich Juzwiak · 11/12/13 11:40AM

Last night E! aired a special called Life After Anna Nicole: The Larry & Dannielynn Story, which was suposedly about Dannielynn, Anna Nicole's 7-year-old daughter, and the man she made her with, Larry Birkhead. Except it was more like a reality show pilot (seemingly constructed conversations and all), and it wasn't so much Dannielynn's story as Larry Birkhead's. That's disappointing because we've heard a lot from him, while Dannielynn has been sort of shrouded in mystery, despite periodical cameos in the spotlight (including modeling for Guess, just like her mom). The child barely said two dozen words for the entire hour. Still, a lovely kid. Clips of her—the real reason to watch the doc—are above.

Nitasha Tiku · 08/06/13 11:32AM

E! is developing a reality show based on Rich Kids of Instagram called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Remember when E! used to send socialites into the woods before they were allowed to be famous? Update: The anonymous curators behind Rich Kids of Instragram emailed Gawker to note that they "are not associated" with this unscripted series. They did, however, promise a "major announcement coming in a few weeks." Does a lawsuit against E! count as major?

Lindsay Lohan Mocks Peers, Self During Chelsea Lately Gig

Rich Juzwiak · 08/06/13 07:43AM

Above are highlights from Lindsay Lohan's gig as Chelsea Lately guest host. During the show, she took (mostly) good-natured jabs at Anthony Weiner, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, One Direction's Harry Styles, Kristen Stewart, the absent Chelsea Handler, and herself.

E!’s Hysterical Pregnancy with Kate Middleton’s Baby! Get the Details!

Caity Weaver · 07/12/13 05:39PM

In February, the threat of HISTORIC, EXTREME SNOW whipped Weather.com into such a frothy euphoria that it combusted from within, vomiting broken mountain graphics all over its homepage. Now, the unbearable ecstasy of the final days of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has driven E! Online—the relentlessly chipper, unnervingly dedicated sophomore class secretary of celebrity news—to the brink of insanity.

Like, Whitney Cummings, Like, Interviewed Mindy Kaling on, Like, Her New Talk Show

Rich Juzwiak · 11/29/12 03:50PM

Whitney Cummings' new E! talk show, Love You, Mean It, debuted last night and her first guest was Mindy Kaling. They gnawed the air at each other, swapped compliments and said "like" collectively over 40 times. I strung together all of the latter instances for the reel above. Many of us are guilty of this, myself included. Every time I catch myself doing this, I grind my teeth and one day soon I won't have any teeth and pronouncing a word like "like" will approach impossibility. I'm just saying, like, let's all be more aware of it.

Lady Gaga Gets Naked and Goes Crazy in 'Marry the Night'

Matt Cherette · 12/02/11 05:22AM

On Thursday, Lady Gaga debuted the music video for her latest single, "Marry the Night." Directed by Gaga herself and clocking in at just under 14 minutes, the epic mini-movie begins with a defeated Gaga being wheeled on a gurney into the psychiatric ward of a hospital. "I'm gonna be a star," she says.

Watch Kim Kardashian's Marriage Fall Apart Before Your Very Eyes

Matt Cherette · 11/28/11 01:34AM

When Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from neanderthal Kris Humphries on Halloween after only 72 days of wedded bliss, many were shocked. But after watching tonight's premiere of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, even someone as dumb as Humphries himself should be able to see that the marriage was doomed from the onset. To illustrate that point, I made a video of the episode's most contentious Kim vs. Kris moments, which you'll find above. [Kourtney and Kim Take New York]

Joss Whedon's Secret Movie

Richard Lawson · 10/24/11 05:15PM

Everyone's favorite fantasist has gone and made a stealth film. Also today: Melanie Griffith gets a new gig, so does Jenna Elfman, and E! embarks on a terrible new journey.

Ross the Intern Makes It Big

Richard Lawson · 08/23/11 05:32PM

Jay Leno's old prop has found his way to his very own starring role. Also today: Jeremy Piven writes the jokes himself, get ready to glimpse some Hunger Games, and Katie Couric has decided.

Joan Rivers Can't Stop Joking About Snooki's Pussy

Brian Moylan · 04/18/11 02:11PM

For a segment on E!'s Friday night guilty pleasure Fashion Police, comedic warhorse Joan Rivers found a picture Jersey Shore tequila swiller Snooki tweeted of her and her cat and decided to make a string of rather amusing and absolutely crass double entendres about Snooki's pussy. This is why I love this show. Not only is Joan hilarious, but Kelly Osbourne laughs hysterically and seems shocked. If you can shock Kelly Osbourne, you know you said something really fucked up.