Adam Weinstein · 05/09/14 12:14PM

Earth will reportedly have trillionaires soon, as many as 11 of them in the next couple of generations. That would be roughly $140 for each human being on earth. Or enough to pay Atlas to stop shrugging and just flip off the rest of the world's population.

Awful New Technology Beams TV Ads Onto Your Cell Phone

Hamilton Nolan · 04/22/14 09:06AM

At long last, advertisers are ready to "solve" the "problem" of you rudely ignoring the television ads that they spent so much effort crafting, by looking at your cell phone when the commercials come on.

The New RoboCop Is What RoboCop Meant to Kill

Tom Scocca · 02/14/14 01:46PM

This new RoboCop movie does not care that anyone might compare it unfavorably to the original 1987 RoboCop movie. It has been programmed not to care about these things. The most readily available metaphor, which is also true, is that the new movie has killed the human mind and guts of its predecessor and kept the cold mechanical body. The whole thing is flat and obvious; even its musical cues land with the clanking unsubtlety of its protagonist's metallic footsteps.

No Amount of Ads Will Stop You From Watching Online Videos

Hamilton Nolan · 11/23/10 10:34AM

Good news, slack-jawed internet sheeple: researchers now believe that no matter how many unskippable 30-second advertisements they lard onto online videos, you'll continue to watch them, like the passive, yielding consumers you are. Your cat video addiction knows no bounds.

High schooler warns of transhuman dystopia

Jackson West · 05/12/08 08:00PM

Ignoring Google's seeming endorsement of IM speak, or tweener, invading the English language by titling the company's logo art contest "Doodle 4 Google," the entries present a striking glimpse into the fears of typical American children — from deforestation to global war. Finalist Mariam Hovhannisyan, a high schooler at the International Community School in Kirkland, Washington, laments an irreversible slide into the mechanization of humanity:

How 'Tutoring' Spencer Pratt Cost One Woman Her Dreams

Emily Gould · 11/27/07 11:00AM

"You know that Newsweek feature MY TURN?," a tipster writes. "So about two years ago (maybe 3?) there was an essay from a former private tutor. She complains that so many spoiled terrible kids just expected her to do their work for them. She then goes into a sort of lengthy description of one particular disciple, who hung around his Downtown LA apartment all day, took tons of pills, and kept his girlfriend too high to leave the apartment. well guess who?! It was our Spencer [Pratt]. No one who knew him doubted it for a second. She actually painted a very accurate picture." And look: Here is that 'My Turn' essay from April, 2005! It's entitled "How Tutoring Rich Kids Cost Me My Dreams."