The TV Reunion Career Success Index

Brian Moylan · 08/27/09 12:05PM

There is a simple formula to determine how successful the stars of hit television shows go on to become: how long it takes before the reunion special. Seinfeld held out for 11 years, how long did everyone else last?

The Top 10 Female TV Characters Women Want To Be Like And Men Want To Be With

Seth Abramovitch · 08/07/08 05:05PM

You didn't think we'd post last week's Top Ten of the coolest male TV characters without following up with one dedicated to all the honeys, now, did you? And while our definitive men's list—checked and rechecked by a panel of TV experts canvassed at various local correctional facilities and gourmet coffee outlets—surprisingly met with some vocal opposition, we're confident its vagina-filled counterpart will please even the most persnickety of TV-lady lovers. There's only one way to know for sure, however. Click play, and decide for yourselves.

Joshua Stein · 10/29/07 10:50AM

How will the rich kid plutocrats of tomorrow learn to manage the $41 trillion that will be coming their way in the next 50 years? It's easy! At the steamship-era rich Gowen family weekend (can't wait to see the embroidered t-shirts!) they brought an expert, Joline Godfrey, the author of "Raising Financially Fit Kids": "The preteens made posters showing what they would like to spend their money on and what causes they would donate to. Teenagers learned about consumer culture. Twenty-somethings received instruction on starting a small business and the financial life skills appropriate to new college graduates." Skills like... what headbands to buy and where to get the best blow? They just don't teach that to the poors. [NYT]