Blue Ivy Singing "***Flawless" Is Flawless

Rich Juzwiak · 08/24/14 10:47PM

Blue Ivy Carter could have stolen this year's VMAs, if only she weren't the daughter of the woman who actually stole the show, Beyoncé. Oh well. Better luck next year, kid.

Adam Weinstein · 05/19/14 04:30PM

In a new book about the Koch brothers and their family empire, Dan Schulman raises allegations that Charles Koch "once resorted to a homosexual blackmail attempt to force [older brother] Frederick to sell his shares in their family company." (Click.)

Wendi Deng Murdoch Cozies Up to Her Husband's Enemy

Ryan Tate · 07/21/11 03:17PM

Wendi Deng deserves credit for containing husband Rupert Murdoch's worst impulses. Not only did her fearsome bodyguarding distract the world from hubby's hacking scandal, it's now clear that she preserved a friendship with Google that Murdoch tried to explode.

Now Another Ron Paul Kid Wants to Run for Congress

Jim Newell · 04/15/11 01:50PM

Rep. Ron Paul and his son, Sen. Rand Paul, are popular members of the Tea Party movement to slash every government entitlement and regulation ever, for the sake of Liberty. Both are considering runs for president, and at least one — Daddy, probably — is likely to enter the race. Is there anything not to like about the Paul family of doctor-libertarians? Don't answer that question until you hear about the latest prize in this stable, Robert Paul, who is considering a run for the Senate himself.

Wife Describes Cocaine-Fueled End of Dynastic Hollywood Marriage

Ryan Tate · 05/06/10 06:13PM

California oil heir Peter Getty ended his marriage in a hazy, abusive binge of cocaine and pornography, according to recent court papers filed by his soon-to-be-ex wife. Welcome to the nasty divorce exploding the "nexus of hipster Hollywood."

Nasty Divorce Splits the Coppolas and the Gettys

Ryan Tate · 03/31/10 03:18PM

Peter Getty's is a made-for-tabloid divorce: The layabout scion to an oil fortune accused of beating his wife, a de facto Coppola, who now demands $539,201 per month spousal support. So ends the family at the "nexus of hipster Hollywood."

Trump vs. Trump

cityfile · 07/02/09 01:46PM

Were you aware there are two groups of real estate moguls with the last name Trump running around town and they're not even related? The Real Deal has the story on the "other Trumps"—Eddie Trump and his brother Jules—who not only have "no financial, philosophical or even familial ties to Donald Trump," they actually kind of despise one another, too. "The difference with Eddie and Jules is that they build their own buildings," explains an employee of the lesser-known Trumps who goes on to describe Donald as a "peddler." "They don't take a label and stick it on somebody else's product. Donald Trump isn't that involved in his projects. He comes down, makes three appearances, gets his commission and goes away." Eddie and Donald do seem to both enjoy posing with B-listy celebrities like Hayden Panettiere and CariDee English—and they both appear to be rather fond of lavender clothing—so if you inadvertently figured they were related, well, you're forgiven. [The Real Deal]