Elizabeth Berkley Recreates Iconic Saved by the Bell Freakout for DWTS

Neetzan Zimmerman · 10/15/13 08:18AM

Saved by the Bell alum Elizabeth Berkley is participating in the latest cycle of Dancing with the Stars, so, naturally, it was only a matter of time before she reenacted her iconic "I'm So Excited" freakout from the classic caffeine pill episode.

Watch Susan Boyle Butcher 'Unchained Melody'

Matt Cherette · 10/11/11 09:22PM

It's pretty much a given that when Susan Boyle performs on live television, she does so while standing completely still amid dim lighting and fake fog in some sort of floor-length "polygamy chic" dress. As a performer, Boyle is usually either truly great or tragically bad. Unfortunately, her rendition of the Righteous Brothers' "Unchained Melody" on tonight's Dancing with the Stars results show was closer to the latter.

Watch Nancy Grace Comb a Man's Chest Hair on Dancing with the Stars

Matt Cherette · 10/10/11 08:32PM

With her giant boobs-cum-giant exposed boobs and an on-air fart, Nancy Grace has given us a schadenfreude fix every week so far this season on Dancing with the Stars, and tonight was no exception. After Tom Bergeron teased her as next up, the camera cut to Grace, who—in an attempt to draw attention away from her own "twins," perhaps—was busy combing the chest hair of her DWTS partner, Tristan MacManus. And boy oh boy was she enjoying it!

Jon Stewart Takes on Nancy Grace's Boobs, Fox & Friends' Pricks

Matt Cherette · 09/27/11 11:55PM

Thanks to Chaz Bono's knee injury and Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction, last night's Dancing with the Stars was a lesson in human anatomy. After expressing his horror at the sight of Grace's nipple on tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart couldn't wait to see how the prudes at Fox & Friends would react to it. But as Stewart soon learned, the Fox panel's reaction to Grace's nip-slip was nothing compared to their stupid, juvenile comments about Bono.

Nancy Grace Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction on DWTS

Matt Cherette · 09/26/11 09:08PM

From Tit Mom to Nip Mom! After proudly debuting her giant boobs on last week's Dancing with the Stars premiere, Nancy Grace took things to a whole new level on tonight's live program when one of the "three-year-old twins" came out to play at the conclusion of her quickstep routine. Here's the slightly NSFW video.

The Dancing with the Stars Season 13 Premiere Event

Matt Cherette · 09/19/11 06:30PM

It's been a long, hard Dancing with the Stars-free summer, but tonight, a dozen new celebrity contenders will sashay across the ballroom floor for the judges' score (and our votes) as Season 13 gets officially underway. So why not watch and comment along with everyone else right here in this post!

David Arquette Giggles About Rob Kardashian's 'Great Ass' to David Letterman

Matt Cherette · 08/31/11 11:55PM

Newly minted Dancing with the Stars contestant David Arquette was on tonight's Late Show. Arquette talked to David Letterman about being sober from alcohol, reconciling with estranged wife Courteney Cox, being enamored with fellow DWTS contestant Rob Kardashian's "great ass" (it's true, his ass is pretty spectacular), being scared of Nancy Grace, and more. But mostly, he just giggled. A lot! Check out our video of the interview's best four minutes above.

Argentina's Dancing With the Stars is Very NSFW

Christopher Han · 12/29/10 05:00PM

The Argentineans are a fiery bunch. Their version of Dancing With the Stars features a strip-dance and leaves little to the imagination. The host feigns censorship at the end, but who are they fooling?

Watch Bristol Palin Lose on Dancing with the Stars

Matt Cherette · 11/23/10 11:07PM

America, rejoice! Tonight, during Dancing with the Stars' live finale, Bristol Palin was deservedly, FINALLY given the boot when she finished in third place. Shotgun-fearing televisions across the country may now come out of hiding! Watch Palin get eliminated inside.

Bristol Palin Sucks for the Final Time on Dancing with the Stars

Matt Cherette · 11/22/10 09:35PM

Tonight, Dancing with the Stars began its two-day finale with the season's last performance episode. After doing "redemption" dances, the final three performed freestyle routines. Predictably, Bristol Palin's effort—a Chicago cage dancing copycat—failed on multiple levels. Watch inside.