Royal Sibling Pippa Middleton Has a Sexy Picture Scandal

Maureen O'Connor · 05/05/11 10:33AM

Kate Middleton's sister usurps Prince Harry as "royal sibling most likely to dance on a banquette." Jesse James hints that Sandra Bullock wasn't that great in bed. Marie Osmond remarries her ex-husband. Thursday gossip knows how to party.

Katherine Heigl to Ruin All the Movies

Richard Lawson · 04/30/10 10:42AM

She aims to ruin every single one. Also today: Kristen Wiig is a movie star! A wonderful television program has been canceled. A new Stephen King TV series is in the works. And an important NCIS update.

The Ulcer-Inducing Career Updates of Lindsay Lohan

Foster Kamer · 10/25/09 11:00AM

Lindsay Lohan's career brings out the worst in Jewish Mother impulses. Brad Pitt busts himself up on a motorcycle, LADIES. The Rock shows true colors: stone cold asshole. Sienna Miller, Roman Polanski, Morrissey, Musicals: presenting your Sunday Morning Gossip Roundup:


cityfile · 10/22/09 08:38AM

Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts out for a walk downtown ... Gwen Stefani arriving at JFK ... Brooke Shields and husband Chris Henchy apartment hunting in SoHo ... Shia LaBeouf running on Madison Avenue ... Hilary Duff shooting scenes for The Business of Falling In Love ... Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson arriving at his hotel ... Zach Braff walking his dog ... Gerard Butler leaving MTV studios in Times Square ... Samuel L. Jackson filming scenes for The Other Guys ... Will Ferrell on the set of the same movie with his wife and kids ... Lindsay Lohan standing outside Gemma on the Bowery ... and Sienna Miller walking her dog.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 05/01/09 06:38AM

Filmmaker Wes Anderson turns 40 today. Country singer Tim McGraw is turning 42. Jewelry designer Elsa Peretti is 69. Former Random House CEO Peter Olson is 59. Folk signer Judy Collins is 70. Director John Woo is 63. People's Court judge Marilyn Milian is 48. And Kelly Bensimon is 41. Weekend birthdays below.


cityfile · 04/28/09 08:42AM

Kate Hudson walking in Soho with friends ... Anne Hathaway leaving the Apple store in Soho with boyfriend Adam Shulman ... Zoe Kravitz and Chace Crawford going to lunch together ... Angelina Jolie filming scenes for Salt in a subway station ... Jeremy Irons sitting on a motorcycle in Midtown ... Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick leaving their Village townhouse ... Alexis Bledel getting in a car outside the Tribeca Film Festival ... Mary-Kate Olsen walking in Soho ... Madonna leaving the Kabbalah Center on East 48th Street with daughter Lourdes ... Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman kissing on the set of The Baster in Midtown... and Kim Kardashian leaving the Waverly Inn and sitting with Russell Simmons in the backseat of his Maybach.

Nicolas Cage In Yellowface And Other Mr. Miyagi Suggestions For The 'Karate Kid' Remake

Seth Abramovitch · 11/11/08 01:58PM

Hollywood's steady death march to the Idea-Killing Fields continues with news today that Jaden Smith—smarmy hatchling of the dangerously in black love super-couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith—will star in a re-imagining of sacred 1980s cinematic text, The Karate Kid. Set to shoot next year in Beijing and other locations, the film won't be a straight-ahead remake, but will rather "borrow elements of the original plot, wherein a bullied youth learns to stand up for himself with the help of an eccentric mentor." With no word on who will play the pivotal role of handyman mentor Mr. Miyagi, we thought we'd offer some casting suggestions to go along with the logical "Ralph Macchio : Jaden Smith" equation:1. Nicolas Cage We can think of no other actor more capable of tapping into both Miyagi's quiet dignity and flying-insect-assassinating ferocity than Cage—to say nothing of his intimate familiarity with Far East mysticism, having served for years as a pachinko pitchman on Japanese TV:

Dwayne Johnson To Battle Theme-Park Obsolescence Gnomes in 'Tomorrowland' Movie

STV · 09/18/08 11:20AM

Apparently looking to expand the modest scope that exploited its Pirates of the Caribbean attraction as a nearly eight-hour, $3 billion-grossing trilogy, Disney now plans to mine an entire portion of Disneyland for the franchise of the future. Literally: The studio has reportedly commissioned a pair of writers to develop the script for a film based on Tomorrowland, with Dwayne Johnson attached to star as a minimum-wage ride operator whose fantasies of updating Star Tours lead to a thrilling adventure through the Lucas/Disney black hole of bureaucracy. Or... something. If Disney knows, its overlords aren't talking: